Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Baby Story: 24 Weeks.

Hello lovely ladies. How are you this Saturday morning? After a very long, exhausting week (and I still have to work today from 2.00-10.00 PM and I have a full 12-hour day tomorrow), I woke up a little late. I needed the good night of sleep. Here is my weekly Baby Story. The questions are a little different this time. 

For the first time in almost 6 months being pregnant, yesterday and the day before yesterday I wore Pregnancy clothes for the first time. I received my Maternity clothes from my mom. She did a good job picking them out. Both her and I decided we wouldn't spend a lot of money on pregnancy clothes so she didn't get a ton of things. After all I only have 3 months to wear these clothes and I still have a few items of clothing in my wardrobe that I think will work out, too, for the colder months. Time is flying by and in less than 4 months, I will hold the little angel in my arms, tuck the baby to bed, change diapers and experience everything a new mom does. =) I am excited and happy, though a little nervous.

How many weeks pregnant: 24 weeks! About 3 and a half more months left.
Weight gain: I haven't weighed myself in a while but I am guessing about 9 lbs.
Cravings: Fish, Mexican Food, Sushi. Luckily I am having fish for lunch today, lightly fried.
Food aversions: Not at the moment.
How are you feeling: Very good. I just sort of passed a little bit of a flu. I am good as new, now. LOL
Most embarrassing pregnancy moment thus far: I don't recall any moments being embarrassing, really.
Best pregnancy moment so far: Seeing the baby move through the ultra-sounds, hearing the heart beat strong and finding out the baby's gender.
Baby's name: We don't know yet.
Boy or girl: YOU will find out soon. Stay tuned.
Wearing maternity clothes: This week I just started wearing maternity clothes for the first time ever, such as pants (the most comfy pants ever) and a couple of maternity tops.


  1. can't wait to hear what you are having

    1. Hahaaa. OK. Seems like everyone from here to Facebook and even our friends are so curious. =))

  2. Who are you expecting yourself, boy or girl?)) Wish you a lot of joy with the rest of your pregnancy and further!

    Would you like to follow each other?
    Just let me know :)


    1. I haven't announced it on the blog yet. I will, soon. =) Thank you for the wishes.

  3. I can't wait to see what your mom picked out. I'm glad you are feeling so well, too.

    1. I can't either. She showed me a few of the things through Skype and by describing them but still. I cannot wait for it all to arrive. =) Thanks Lynne.


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