Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lemon, Cocoa and a Couple Blueberries.

Good Morning Lovely Ladies. I cannot believe it is already Thursday, middle of the week. This week has flown by. Yesterday my co-worker and fellow manager, whose office is next to mine, became a dad for the first time to a little baby girl named Liana. I guess it is my turn next, hmmm? 3 and a half more months and I think time will fly by. =) I talked to my mom for an hour yesterday. She has gotten me soooooooo many things for the baby. This is one lucky baby. My aunties got me gifts too. I am not having a Baby Shower (cause it is not a tradition in Albania - I wish it was) but in a way it's like my mom threw me a shower with all the stuff she has bought for me, for my little angel baby. =)

I love this cropped, fitted, Lemon-Yellow Blazer. It is such a nice, stiff material (not stiff in a bad way, stiff as it stays on crisp and as if you just ironed it). I cannot button it right now but it's still OK. I don't think I had ever paired this shade of yellow with periwinkle before but I do like this. I brought out the yellow of the jacket with my square earrings and flower ring. Sorry about the wrinkles on the pants. They wrinkle easily, as much as I love their silk-like material. Ohhh and once again you get a makeup-free Ada, today. And I still have a little Pink on (for Breast Cancer Awareness month), check out my Baby Pink loafers!

Periwinkle/Cobalt, Stretchy, Nylon Tank Top: White House Black Market.
Lemon/Yellow, Short-Sleeve, Cropped Blazer: The Limited.
Cognac/Brownish Cropped Pants w/ Removable Leather & Canvas Belt (it comes with): Koton.
Square-Shaped, Lime-Green Stud Earrings w/ Tiny Patterned Multi-Square Stones: Express.
Lemon Rhinestone, Flower-Shaped, Silver Ring: Meijer's.
Baby Pink, Faux Python Loafers: Micci's Shoes.


  1. Congrats to your co-worker. Liana is such a beautiful name!

    Your pants are great! The cognac color goes very well with the blue and yellow.

    1. Thanks a lot. Yes he is very happy and I am sure his wife is too. It is funny how the two of us are having babies around the same time. Also, us ladies are around the same age and the husbands are days apart, my husband is a few days older. LOL

      I do like that name, too. Liana is definitely unique and has a cool sound to it. =)

  2. I love the slouchy trousers. They look comfortable and business-y at the same time. Exciting that you still got to have a small baby shower for new things.

    1. Thanks Megan. These slouchy trousers are great except the wrinkle part. LOL

      I am so excited about the little baby shower. My mom has bought me so many things, a lot of clothes, blankets, sheets and other neccesities, including utensils, etc. My aunts also got me the stroller, car seat, some clothes, some toys and one of them is even crocheting a blanket, an outfit and a hat. I am so excited till I get everything shipped and see it for myself. Until I get everything, I will refrain from buying anything for the baby (as much as I want to). =)

  3. great color combo and congrats to your co-worker.

  4. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!



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