Monday, September 17, 2012

Yolo Black and White Halter!

You guys I am having a case of the Mondays. Why do they always feel so busy at work, they drag your heart and uninspire you? Well after my busy work Monday, on my way home (and on his way home), I met up my hubby at a cafe/bar for a coffee. Well he got coffee, I got 'salep', it's a warm herbal, hearty drink, from a characteristic Albanian plant that grows in the mountains. On my way to meet them I had purchased cookies, so we shared some of those as well. His work day was also frustrating and tiresome. After going to bed real late last night, as we got home around 6.30-6.45 PM, we both took a nap and boy did we fell asleep. We were so tired that I took off today's outfit and jewelry and took no photos. I remembered this later, so after waking up, I wore said outfit again (no makeup) and took some pics. What we do for Fashion Blogging, hmm? LOL I woke up around 9.00 PM and I am currently making a simple, yummy, beef broth soup with vegetables, why husband is still sleeping. He was exhausted so I will let him sleep till next morning. After eating the soup and checking Facebook and after tonight's post I plan on sleeping too. I am still tired and sleepy. Being sleepy all the time is a sign of pregnancy. I better sleep now all I can before that baby comes, anyways. So it's 10.20 PM now and my goal is that by 11.15 at the latest I hit my bed, next to tired husband.

This fun, geometric-print, Black + White dress is making its second appearance in my blog; here is number one attempt.. The stretchy silk has made it smooth enough to wear even through late August (yes, these photos are a little dated but I vacationed and didn't post the entire first week of September). I love its print, its classic colors, its soft silk material and its collar. This time I pinned a Black, White & Red Brooch gifted to me earlier this summer, from my Mother-in-Law and added my super-cute nude sandals.

Black+White, Geometric-Print, Stretchy Silk, Halter Dress: Express.
Silver, Flower-Stud Earrings w/ Little Pearls in the Middle: Parfois.
Black, White & Red, Silk Floral and Beaded Pearl Brooch: Gifted from Mother-in-Law.
Blush-Colored, Strappy Sandals, Featuring a Big Beaded Flower: Nine West.

P.S. I am linking today with Cute Molly for Yolo Mondays.


  1. you look gorgeous, ada! love that dress! and thank you for linking up!

    1. Thanks a lot Molly. You look fab on your new, wedding profile photo. =)

  2. Love the printed dress... it takes me to the 60's.
    I can imagine you wearing the cat eyeliner and some pumps with this :)

    1. Yes, actually the cat eyeliner and pumps, or even knee-high black boots with wide chunky heels would look great with this.


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