Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tealed-Off and Bow-Tied.

Hello All for the second time today. Ahhh I am so exhausted. I got home from work around 6.05 PM, had some fruit and tried to take a nap at least for an hour to 1.5 hours. I started reading (I am currently reading something really good - but more about this on a different day) and before I knew it I was 60 pages through the book. I was still tired and sleepy but couldn't fall asleep so I woke up around 7.30. It's a good thing I didn't sleep because I really wanted to do a bunch of cleaning today. I have felt so tired and lazy and at times sick, the last 2-3 weeks so our home has been left aside. It's not very big, a 750 square feet Loft-style apartment but you know two people live there so things can be messy if left for a long time. So I took over two hours today to sweep, clean counters, remove clutter, dust and wash the floors real well. The whole apartment is clean now. I gotta work on our bedroom tomorrow. It's not that it is dirty, more disorganized than anything. I know it will take me at least 2 hours there so I left that for tomorrow. I have no time or no power anymore today. By the time I was done it was 9.30 PM. And after this post I am going to call it a night: read a few more pages off my book and fall asleep. =)

After a quick and simple dinner, I am now blogging an OOTD from last week. I love this dark teal silk dress. I like the length of it - falls right at the knee and its empire style. It sort of looks like a Maternity dress but it certainly isn't. It has that nice, flowing A-line shape from under the bust all the way down, nice and loose so I will make sure to wear it at least a couple more times during Fall. I also like the grosgrain ribbon detail on the back. You can see the dress details even better with my hair pulled back. =)

Empire-Waist, Sleeveless, Dark Teal Dress w/ Pleated Detail on the Front & Black Grosgrain Ribbon Front to Back: The Limited.
Floating Pearl Necklace (Real Pearls): JC Penneys.
Silver, Flower-Stud Earrings w/ Little Pearls in the Middle: Parfois.
Golden-Beige Plastic Hair Claw w/ Silver Rhinestone "Chanel" Logo: Chanel. 
Navy, Green, Teal, Turquoise & Seafoam, Leaf-Print, Silk, Strappy Thong Sandals: Simple Shoes.


  1. The dress is gorgeous! I love the color with your dark hair, and the details around the neckline are fabulous! :)

    1. Thanks a lot darling Ms. D. =) I have missed you girls.

  2. Nice dress... and i was going to ask if it was maternity - but then read it was not...
    I think you will be able to wear this on through your pregnancy and look wonderful.

    1. Yeah, nope no maternity clothes for me just yet. =) Thanks. I love the dress, too: style and color.


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