Monday, July 30, 2012

Sexy Orange and Yolo Mondays.

Hello All and Welcome Monday! This is the last Monday of this month and also the start to a new week and a new month - August. I am hoping and praying August is truly the last month of hot, blazing temperatures and that we won't have a lingering, Indian summer. I don't mind having a bit of summer through September and early-mid October as long as the temperayures are bearable.

I promised I would have a second outfit posted last night but I was still having lousy headaches and couldn't stare any minute longer on a computer screen. Usually my headaches are accompanied by me not being able to stand heavy or bright light, or too much (loud) noise. Computers in general are an enemy for the eyes and make your eyes even more tired when you have a headache. Great to report I am headache-free today and staying cool inside my office even-though it's 97 degrees out. Yep, that hot! LOL

Today's outfit features a staple: a black pencil skirt, worn with a cute, sexy tee and a statement necklace with matching earrings. The top is kind of sexy but yet appropriate for work. I also had to give a real quick TV interview that day for work and for those people who saw me on TV (I have rarely seen myself, because I either forget or I am usually at work when they show my features), I got compliments on this look. I must say, I should wear orange more often. I need to own more of it, actually. This top is bright but not in a saturated way.

Cap-Sleeve, Sweetheart-Neckline, Sexy, Orange Tee: Banana Republic.
Black, Tulip Skirt w/ Pockets: Bebe.
Orange, Ivory, Light Green and Clear Plastic Bobble Necklace in Floating Chain: JC Penney.
Orange, Ivory & Light Green, Plastic, Beaded Dangling Earrings (a Set with the Necklace): JC Penney.
Ivory, Plastic, Wide Bangle: Express.
Gold & Turquoise, Antique-Looking, Cocktail Ring: Parfois.
Fan-Shaped, Black Plastic Clasp w/ Silver Rhinestones: Bijoux & Accessories.
Neon Pink Nail Polish (on Toes): Flormar.
Red & Ivory Stripped, Lace-Up Wedge Sandals: Payless.

I am linking this post up today with Yolo Mondays, a weekly Monday Feature run by Cute & Sassy Molly. Check her out as well as all the other Fashionable Ladies of this Monday. Thanks.


  1. What awesome wedges. I love the color, statement shoe and necklace. Glad you're feeling better from your headache and hope it stays that way! Heat plus headaches are never fun. I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures as well.

    1. Thanks a lot Megan. It has been hot as hell today too, just like yesterday. But yes I am feeling great, much much better - no headaches to complain from. I hope you feel good too and here is hoping to cooler Fall days coming soon. =)


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