Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hot Pink Number.

Hello Everyone. I have been MIA for the past three days due to a combination of being on a little beach getaway (Saturday), taking a day off (Sunday) and working a lot, having a real busy and crappy work day (Monday). My work day hasn't been the best today either. My boss has had a really bad attitude the last week and a half. It shows in his face, in his yelling and shouting, in his choice of words. Of course being his right arm, I am usually the one that he takes his anger out, on. But really he has put so much pressure and bad attitude onto the emplyees, lately, too. It is awful. I pray for a better, calmer day tomorrow on Wednesday. Being the optimist I usually am, I can only hope. =)
Anyway, moving on to this outfit. I wore this dress to work on a Sunday where we also filmed a special for TV. They wanted a fun atmosphere and for that to reflect in the clothing too, so I picked a bright pink dress with a beautiful back detail and pockets. I love pockets in dresses and skirts, guys, just love them. This dress was purchased at a great price, two summers ago at JC Penney's. Summer 2012 was a great year for dresses because I added about 30 dresses to my wardrobe that summer alone, a bunch of which came from JC Penney. This dress can help even the saddest mood and put anyone in a great mood with its color and flattering style. I went Pink-Happy that day and took a ton of photos, at my office (before the TV special). Ohh and these nude wedges with multi-colored dots are being quite a neutral shoe for me, this summer. They go with pretty much - everything. =))

Hot Pink Sleeveles Dress w/ Cowl Neckline, Front Pockets and Crochet Back Detail: Bisou Bisou.
Turquoise-Beaded, Navy & Silver Bobble, Statement Necklace: The Limited.
Ivory, Plastic, Wide Bangle: Express.
Silver Ring w/ Big, Sparkly, Iredescent, Oval-Shaped Stone: Lord & Taylor.
Beige, Peep-Toe Wedges w/ Different Colorful Dots: Il Cammino.


  1. the back of the dress is so pretty! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. Oh wow - that dress is stunning on you and the back is so pretty and original!

    1. Bonnie, this dress is quite exciting on the back. ;-) Thanks.

  3. Aw, I'm sorry things have been rough. Here's hoping for a better work day in the future.

    You're at least taking your days in style. I love this pink dress, the cut of it is so interesting. I love it with the funky printed shoes. Very cool.

    1. Thanks a lot Megan. I appreciate your concern.

      I purchased these shoes about a month or tops 6 weeks ago or so and they have become favorites for this summer 2012. I also love this dress: simple, dressy, pretty color & style and keeps me cool.


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