Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peep-Toe Flats and More Bold Color for Fashion Challenge: Day 2.

Here is the second day of my Fashion Challenge, what I wore yesterday, precisely. The challenge called for either platforms or flats. I only own about 7-8 pairs of platform shoes and probably kept only two pairs of them here in Albania, where I now reside (the rest are in the States). I own a ton more flats especially sandals and ballet flats. I have Gladiator-style sandals, strappy sandals, thong sandals, open-toe ballet flats, round-toe ballet flats, pointy-toe ballet flats, etc. etc.

However I will tell you of my decision to wear flats or small-heeled shoes. I actually own a lot of heels: wedges, half wedges, platform shoes, stilettos, etc, 3 inches to 6 inches tall. I even brought many of these high-heel shoes with me, when I made my move from United States to Albania, last November (2011). However I now walk a ton. I walk daily, at least an hour and a half a day. All this walking calls for comfortable shoes which usually translates into ballet flats, espadrilles, riding boots, sandals, cute tennis shoes, not-too-tall wedges and such - depending on where I am going or what season it is. And even-though at work I am mostly sat down, my office is located on the second floor of the building so that's some stairs I have to go up and down, several times daily. Plus we have some hard, slippery tiles in the building, which also make it harder to wear heels. Because my style is rather dressy, elegant and I am usually more dressed up than dressed down, due to my personality, I feel like heels would pair better with my clothes or outfits than flats, loafers, ballet shoes and such. But I have to be kind to my feet and legs and do the right, comfy thing, so I have learned to appreciate all kinds of shoes. I have always been a fan of Ballet Flats. I love how now you can find them in a peep-toe style or with a sling-back and closed toes. WOW that's a lot of shoe talk in one post. So for Tuesday's Challenge I did indeed wear flats and I loved my outfit. It was bright, monochromatic and full of summer. Here it is, for you. Have a Happy Hump Day!!

Magenta, Elbow-Length Sleeve, Button-down Shirt w/ Chest Pockets & Fun Metallic Buttons: Express.
Magenta, Fuchsia & Plum, Water-color Print Bubble, Mini Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Black Beaded Earrings in Shapes of Tiny Chandeliers: Ann Taylor.
Black Beaded Crystal Necklace w/ Multi-Faceted Square Pendant: Ann Taylor.
Real Pearl Bracelet w/ Gold Clasp (Right Hand): JC Penney. 
Metallic Hair Clips Featuring Flowers and Butterflies: Gifted from a Friend.
Hot Pink & Magenta, Python-Print, Skinny Belt: The Limited.
Canvas, Black & White, Polka Dot, Peep-Toe Ballet Flats w/ Bows: Steve Madden.
This was Round 2 of the Challenge for this week: Tuesday, June 12th. As you can tell I chose FLATS.


  1. Nice monochromatic outfit.
    For some reason I don't follow this trend much, only if its all black - which i guess does not count.

    1. All black is nice too, but blacks are the hardest colors to match. I think this skirt and shirt were made for each other. Thanks Lorena.

  2. Incredible color! Perfect matching too. I love the little bows on your flats too cute. I also struggle with wanting to wear heels, but needing to let my knees/feet stay healthy and happy. There are cute flats out there though!

    1. I love these shoes. I wish I would have bought them in red, as well. So cute and so comfy as well. I also like this color. Magenta and/or fuchsia is bold but it's summer so why not!? ;-)

      Thanks a Lot, Megan.


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