Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blue Silk Sea.

Ahh what I would give to be able to wear full-length pants and a button-down top nowadays, heck I would even take a short-sleeve button-down over a long-sleeve one. Pretty much an outfit like here. But with the blazing hot temperatures of 95+ Degrees, there is no way I could even wear cropped pants (to work). It sucks, really. The temperatures need to drop by at least 10 degrees. I get tired and exhausted easily under the super hot sun, walking to and from work or to run errands, every day. I feel like an old lady complaining about so much heat, but my body can barely take it. I have prayed for rain and a drop of temperatures. If it rains and it is still hot and muggy, it's worse cause it will get stickier. Anyway, I love this Color Blue of my blouse. It is relaxing and bright enough to smooth a bad mood or crappy day. Enjoy your Wednesday!!

Long-Sleeve, Stretchy, Silk Charmeuse, Royal Blue, Button-Down Shirt: The Limited.
Heather Gray, Light, Wide-Legged "Editor" Style Trousers: Express.
Sky Blue, Rhinestone Stud Earrings: Forever 21.
Blue & Silver, Stretchy, Rhinestone Bracelet (Right Hand): Gifted from a Girlfriend
Patent Leather, Thin, Black Headband w/ Square, Skinny, Ecru Bow Off the Side: The Limited.
Violet, Suede, T-Strap Mary Jane Wedges: Old Navy.


  1. This weekend we had temperatures over 96... it was hell hot and humid ! So i can totally relate :)
    This is such a nice colored blouse-

    1. Our temperatures have been pretty much 93-97 for a whole full week, now. I sometimes think I may die from this heat LOL.

      Thanks for the compliment on the blouse. I love the color and material, too.


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