Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday and The Versatile Blow Award!! May 2nd 2012.

What a difference a week makes hmm? This week is not raining crazily day in and day out. This week I am not living in a tiny hole of an apartment where stuff was everywhere and where we had so many problems: major water leaks, musquitos, a broken antenna, etc. This week I am not carrying a jacket and an umbrella every day. This week I am not having headaches and migraines. This week my head is not in the clouds.

This week the weather is hot sunny, humid even. This week we are moved in to a new, nice, shiny, beautiful, pretty spacious apartment full of natural light and a nice balcony. This week I am wearing dresses, sandals and ballet flats. This week I am shopping for house stuff. This week I am thinking happy thoughts. This week (on the weekend to be exact) I am celebrating a birthday or two (my birthday and my husband's). So these ARE ALL REASONS TO MAKE ME HAPPY, HOPEFUL AND READY TO KICK OFF SPRING ON A POSITIVE NOTE!! These are ALL REASONS THAT MAKE THIS WEDNESDAY - WONDERFUL!!

And on top of this, my beautiful friend Bonnie awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award. So let me take a minute to thank her first of all. She is a super-cute petite girl who looks great in a side ponytail and big Jackie O sunglasses. She has classic style mixed with lots of color, elegance and a little bit of preppy thrown in it. =) Thank You Bonnie for thinking I am worthy of this award. I'd like to think my style is Versatile because I am 100% myself. I love dresses and Pencil Skirts but I am also just as happy in leggings paired with long cardigans or tunics. I like streamlined elegance, but at times I want to feel care-free and bohemian.

Rules for accepting the award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
2. Write 7 random things about yourself
3. Pass on the love to 15 bloggers

My 7 Random Things:
1. I manage and do marketing for the largest, nicest Bookstore in Albania. I am sorrounded by books, professors, writers, publishers, poets and such. I love my job. I find it rewarding, cultural, educative and worthy of my character. After all I love to read.
2. Since I have had this job at the Bookstore (for close to 4 months) I have purchased over 30 books and I have been on TV (talking about books & reading, new titles, interesting reads and other similar things to do) at least a dozen times.
3. I was born on May 4th and my husband's Birthday is on the 6th. It is easy for our friends to remember our birthdays and our ages because we are two dates apart, two years apart. I am two years minus two days younger than he is. We are both Stubborn Taurus(es).
4. I am currently eating a cold slice of pizza (with 3 different cheeses and prosciutto) and drinking "dhalle". It is a classic Albanian cold drink made out of yougurt. It is a little sour, but refreshing and good for summer time. I love it.
5. When I was about 3 years old, I feel off a donkey when we went to the country for my uncle's wedding. I was on the donkey with my cousin (she is a year older than me). She fell on top of me while my forehead touched a hard stone. I required 11 stitches, and a visit to the emergency room. Almost 3 decades later I still have a little scar from that day. Right in the middle of my forehead I have a tiny scar shaped like a tiny little heart. I like it. It makes me - me!!
6. I used to watch a lot of soap operas (the American soaps) for many years. I stopped Cold Turkey around March of last year. My favorite one was "The Bold and the Beautiful". I have watched it since I was a very young girl when it first debuted, 25 years ago. No wonder I love Fashion since the main plots of this soap opera are intertwined among two competing fashion houses who design dresses and clothing for a living.
7. I plan on surprising my husband with a fresh seafood lunch, by the bay, next to the Adriatic Sea on Sunday, for His Birthday.
Here are the 15 Bloggers I am tagging:
The ladies above are FABULOUS in their own right. Their style is colorful, eclectic, unique and definitely VERY VERSATILE!! Check them out. Also, check out Skylette's Blog because she is doing a Giveaway for her 500th post. Happy Bloggint to Her. Continue to Dress Beautifully!!


  1. I'm so glad you did this! I also loved reading your random facts ... I have wondered what industry you work in, and it sounds fascinating!

    1. I am glad you tagged me. You are awesome. I do appreciate this nifty compliment you gave me. =)

  2. thanks darling for the award
    I haven't been commenting but I've been reading your posts.
    You moved to Albania I've seen, so how is Tirana treating you?

    1. Thanks Doll. I do miss your outfit posts and your comments. How is Italy treating you? Tirana has been good to me so far. Thanks for asking. =)

  3. Thank you Ada - how very nice of you :)
    And happy "early" birthday !

    1. Of course not only you deserve it for your style, but because you are one of my biggest supporters, as well. =)

      Thanks for the Birthday Wish!!

  4. Thanks for the tag! I am so envious of your job - sounds like a dream. I LOVE books - I read all the time. On the Nook, books bought from the bookstore, books checked out from the library... I just love it.

    I hope both you and your husband have great birthdays this weekend! How fun that you're two years and two days apart.

    1. Taylor, thanks a lot for the kind comments. I am sure your new job will be spectacular as well. I must agree though - I Love Books. There is something sophisticated, classic, real, relaxing and easy about books that always makes them a must-have!!

      Thank You for the Birthday Wishes!! <3 Ada.


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