Friday, May 18, 2012

Fuchsia Silk Charmeuse Ruffles and Silky Smooth Straight Hair.

Hi there guys. I am happy to report that it warmed up today. It is bright, sunny and a lot warmer. I am wearing these pants (from today's post) with another silk blouse. I usually stick to something more comfy and more weekend-appropriate for Fridays since I feel like they are more casual. (It's The American in me - I can't help myself.) But since I wore jeans yesterday and jeans that made me feel two sizes too big unfortunately, I decided to wear classic, elegant, nicely-fit, trouser-style, dressy pants, today. =)

I have always thought Gray and Pink (or Pink-Family Colors) were a match made in heaven just like this. Other Color Matches Made in Heaven: Navy + Red, Gray + Purple, Orange + Beige, Pink + Beige, Green + Blue, Red + Black, Yellow + Blue, Orange + Hot Pink, Yellow + Purple and Black + White of course. Really though any two colors are great together as long as they look beautiful on you and you feel beautiful and confident wearing them. I was never one to believe in "fashion rules" after all. Last week I paired Gray, Brown & Black and even got complimented on that. I will post that outfit, soon. Why conform to "rules" written by a fashion magazine or a corporate fashion editor? You are your own boss when it comes to dressing yourself. This also convinces me that just because I see a certain piece, trend or outfit on someone (even if they are super-stylish bloggers) does not mean I have to re-create it or have to buy it because it may not look half as good on me. Dressy pants and silky blouses on the other side...?! I can do trousers and silky tops like this every day (if I didn't like change). The silouhette of the pants and the material of the top makes me feel like I am wearing pajamas (very elegant, chic, work-approved pajamas, by the way). I feel very 'corporate' in this and in this case that word is a compliment.
Magenta, Short-Sleeve, Ruffled "Bib" Silk Charmeuse Blouse: Express.
Heather-Gray, Light, "Editor" Style, Dressy Pants: Express.
Silver Chain Bracelet (Right Hand): Target.
Gold Pearl, Stretchy Bracelet (Left Hand): Express. 
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.
P.S. Don't you just love my super-straight, simple, sexy, smooth, shiny hair, here?! :-)


  1. Lovely outfit, and your hair looks gorgeous! So thick and shiny. :) Those pants are super flattering ... Express has the best pants!

    1. Thank you Bonnie. I agree Express has great pants and so does The Limited. My hair is healthy usually and it is indeed thick. But it doesn't always shine like this. That was the effect of having it professionally straightened by the hair-dresser. =)

  2. Totally love your straight hair Ada it looks so good !
    And I'd wear this outfit in a heartbeat - it looks so polished and the trousers have an amazing fit.

    1. I love the straight hair, too. Thank you.

      I do agree and think this outfit is quite elegant. =)

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    1. I know. I like to describe my items of clothing in detail. I have considered going to the Fashion Institute of Design in Troy, MI for a third degree, since I love Fashion so much. However, I am currently living in Europe not in USA and that is something out of my time and convinience. But Thank You for the suggestion and compliments.


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