Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Cardigan Over a Pinstripped Button-Down.

Hello Beautiful Girls. How has the Fashion World been? I have been A.O.K. though quite sad about what transpired in Albania on May 21st (read my last post). There were 13 lives that this horrible tragedy claimed and even-though most of the 30 injured (all female!!) students are well, there are 3 of them still in very critical condition and I hope and pray that they regain consciousness and get well soon. Please be kind and say a Prayer to God for them!! =) I appreciate it.

Yesterday it was A DAY OF MOURNING for our country of Albania, to mourn the 11 young college students, the gentleman who drove the vehicle and the fiance of one of the girls. I wore black all day (shoes, skirt, tops, earrings and headband). I rarely wear head to toe black but yesterday called for it. I also took a day off from reading or posting anything that had to do with fashion. I didn't take photos either. The last 3 days have been chilly, or rather breezy and I have loved this weather. Yesterday it rained mostly all day throughout our country. I heard that the seas were not tranquile and they had some crazy waves. It seemed like Mother Nature was also in touch with the solemnity of the situation; the weather was mourning the people of Albania and crying inside just like hundreds did.
Anyway, enough bad news. God gave me a reason to wake up this morning, be blessed and feel happy that I have good health, that I woke up next to a man who loves me, that my family and loved ones are all alive and well, that I have shelter over me, that I have food, that I have clothes, that I have a good job, etc. I am back today though and I got an outfit for you, which I hope you will like. And yes, due to the lower temperatures I am back to wearing cardigans or blazers. Mornings and evening are cold, you guys.

Periwinkle & White Pinstripe Button-Down Shirt w/ Front Pockets: Express.
White, Stretchy Nylon Tank (Under the Button-Down): The Limited.
Tomato-Red, 3/4-Sleeve, Light Cardigan: The Limited.
Burgundy Corduroy Skinny Pants: White House Black Market.
Silver Chain Necklace Featuring a "Grape Pendant" w/ Fake White Pearls & Silver Rhinestones: Fred's Jewelry.
Mini, Sea Pearl, Stud Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Silver Chains & Bracelets (Right Hand): JC Penney, Lord & Taylor, etc.
Plastic, Square-Shapped Hair Claw w/ Red Rhinestones: Bijoux & Accessories.
Soft, Dusty Pink, Suede Moccasin Shoes: Payless.


  1. When i saw you in that nice red cardi it reminded me that
    I gave my red cardigan away a few weeks ago, I need to replace it.

    1. I actually have 3 red cardigans though I only packed 1 of them with me when I made my move to Albania. I have this one from The Limited, one from Banana Republic & another one from White House Black Market. I was thisclose to purchasing a forth red one, last Fall at WHBM. That store has amazing cardigans and what attracted me to that particular one were the silver metallic rose buttons. Anyway, everyone needs at least one red cardigan, I say. ;-)

      On my Fall Packiage I will make sure my mom packs a ton of cardigans for me, including my two other red ones. ;-)


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