Thursday, May 24, 2012

All Shades of Purple.

You girls know I am super behind and I have a ton of outfits to show you, that I have worn this Spring and haven't blogged yet (due to my laptop that was in bad shape for almost two montsh; glad to report it runs great now). So you get a second OOTD Post today. Without further ado I present you a Spring Outfit worn to Work. Lots of Photos and Few Words!! =))

P.S. Please Excuse the mess in these photos. This was as I was packing our bedroom, while we were moving, this Spring.

Pink & Purple, Floral Cardigan with Silver Rhinestone Buttons: Express.
Lace-Trimmed, Baby-Pink/Lavender, Stretchy Nylon Tank: The Limited.
Satin, Purple Pencil Skirt: Madison Avenue.
Clear-Crystal, Beaded Necklace: Gifted to me this Valentine's Day 2012 (by one of My Best Friends).
Grayish-Blue Stone, Teardrop Earrings w/ Silver Rhinestone Bow Detail: Fred's Jewelry.
Lavender Eye Shadow: Golden Rose.
Lavender Eye Liner: Flormar.
Soft, Smooth Taupe/Pink Lipstick: Flormar.
Purple, Patent Leather Ballet Flats: Target.


  1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary and here's to hoping for a little baby. :) Thanks again!

    Love the print on that sweater, btw!

    1. You are welcome Preethi and thanks for stopping by. Please click the FOLLOW Button and start following me. I do appreciate it! =)

      Have a Great Weekend!! Ada. =)


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