Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!! April 11th 2012.

Hello Everyone. I greet you all from this grayish, dreary, chilly Spring day here in Tirana, Albania.

However here are some things that make this Wednesday Wonderful, things I am happy & thankful for, this week.

*Yesterday April 10th it was my Aunt's Birthday. I love and miss her so much. She is back in Michigan with the rest of my family but I am happy I got to call her the previous night, chatted with her for a little and wished her a Happy Birthday, as well. =)

*Yesterday was also the Birthday of My Cousin-in-Law. She married my first cousin, last July and they are now expecting a baby (in November). I am happy for them.

*There is another SUPER-SPECIAL Birthday for me this week and it belongs to one of the most important and influential people in my life, but I will talk more about this in next week's Wednesday Feature.

*Despite being quite cold, dreary and not having a ray of sun outside today, I am wearing a pretty outfit which starts with super-bright shoes on my feet (they are beautiful flats I love). Dressing in cheerful colors (like a hot pink or magenta - as I am wearing today) can secure a girl of being in a happier mood. ;-)

*I had a Hot Tea earlier this morning with a Good Friend. And after her, I met up another Great Friend at a different bar/cafe for freshly-squeezed juice. Seeing them both and chatting a little with them both, was quite nice.

*My Easter (I am Orthodox) is this coming Sunday so tomorrow I get to color the eggs. I will do the classic red color since this is my very first time coloring them by myself. In previous years my mom did the coloring. Next year I will go crazy with all kinds of colors and designs, I am keeping it simple this year. Also, our newest, big Orthodox Church here in Tirana will be opened for the first time this Easter Sunday and I plan on going with a girlfriend, her mom & my mother-in-law.

* It is the middle of the week so Happy Hump Day!!

I will have a brand-new outfit for you, posted in a few hours. Take Care and Enjoy the Rest of Your Wednesday & the Rest of Your Week!!

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