Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Verbs with a Lot of Meanings (about Myself). =)

Who Am I ?!...
I am... Albanian-American.
I am not... a judgmental person.

I have... lived and loved so far, with all of my heart!
I wish... to travel the world, all 7 continents and all 7 miracles of the world!
I hate... ignorant, cruel, ungrateful people.
I fear... fear itself (nothing is more scary than actual FEAR).

I hear... ...that there is an after-life and I somehow believe that.
I see... beauty everywhere around me, especially through Mother Nature, as well as Man-Made.

I search... for the perfect full moon, the perfect sunrise and the perfect sundown!
I wonder... about the future and babies (my own children).

I regret... nothing much. I see regrets as life's little and big lessons.
I respond... well to kindness, generousity and big-hearted people.
I love... my mom. She is an incredible woman, my beautiful angel, my role model. 
I adore... my husband and the way he makes me feel.

I ache... when I see evil-doing, unfairness, ugliness, hypocrisy, injustice and other malice things happen to good people. 
I cry... (sometimes) when I make love.

I dance... when I feel like it, with or without music on.
I sing... ...when I am happy and in a good mood.

I never... start a fight. I am a peace-lover and a peace-maker (so I am usually not the one to start fights).
I sometimes...... pretend I don't speak Albanian when I am in US or pretend I don't speak English when I am in Albania. (It is funny to me.)

I am not always... rational, sensible or understanding.
I am always... kind, funny and creative.
I am confused... by crimes happening within one's family.
I am interested... in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy.

I need... to start a family soon (my husband and I are planning on it, in the next few months).
I want... a baby very soon. It is time for me to join Motherhood - nothing would make me HAPPIER at the moment.

I should... never complain a lot. Life is too short for complaints.
I shall... never stop trying, with anything in life.

I always... try to behave as good as my parents taught me, just like I want others to behave.
I usually... go to bed fulfilled and happy for the day I just left behind and hopeful for a new, beautiful, bright, sunny day, tomorrow.

I laugh...as much as I can, from the bottom of my heart and from the pit of my stomach, inside out.
 I live... life to its fullest, taking each day by its beam and squeezing out the beauty of each day in all its capacity.

So..., WHO Are You?!?

(Post idea from Our Love Never Fails). Thank you KINDLY for the ideas. I loved filling this out.


  1. I loved reading all these tidbits about you! You are an amazing person. And congrats on the decision to start a family - how exciting!

  2. Awww Bonnie, thanks a lot. These kind words mean a lot to me. Thanks for getting to know me. =) And yes we are very excited to start a family, soon! =)

    Unfortunately my own laptop is broken and we had to order a part for it, therefore I haven't been posting any outfits. All my postings have either been from my phone or my work computer where I wish I could upload all the photos I have taken daily of my outfits. I hope the computer gets fixed soon. =(

    1. Ugh - computer problems are the worst. I hope it's fixed soon - I miss seeing what you're wearing!

    2. I know I hate it. I will have to catch up soon, hopefully within a week I will have my own computer back up and post my outfits. I might post 2 a day (morning & evening) so you all can see what you've been missing. LOL Please bear with me Bonnie. I promise I have taken lots of photos and have many outfits to show to you all!! =)

      Take Care, Beautiful!! =)

  3. Wow these are nice thoughts and tells alot about your personality. Thanks for visiting and following me. Following you back.

    1. Thanks a lot Paps. I plan on reading every single post of yours, starting tomorrow. You have a beautiful family though from what I can see. =)

      Thanks for following me, girl.


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