Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!! March 28th 2012.

Hellow Fellow Bloggers, how are you?! While my outfit posts have been kept on the sidelines lately (due to not having a working computer, therefore I haven't been able to upload photos of my daily wear), my Blog has been suffering. The few posts I have blogged about this month have all been done from my work computer. However I am always full of ideas and never at a loss for words. This is first and foremost A STYLE BLOG, however this is a blog where I can write about what I am feeling, liking, disliking, loving and adoring as well.  =) I can even rant if I need to. LOL

So this morning I decided to do a weekly feature called "Wonderful Wednesday". In this feature I will mention or list 5-10 things from the past week that have been happy/good/positive things, or things I have done, loved, purchased, adored or liked in the last week. I figured since Wednesday falls right in the middle of the week, this is the perfect time to do such a post. This post will only have happy feelings and things that make me happy, make me feel good or put a smile on my face, hence the title of this weekly feature. So let's begin with this first Wonderful Wednesday, shall we?!

*First of all I am loving the weather we have had the last week: beautiful, sunny, bright, summery! I have enjoyed wearing skirts, light dresses, and cropped pants. Spring has sprung in Tirana and in Albania, for sure!!

*In the last week I have been reading not one but two wonderful books. They are both unique, beautiful, fairytale kind of love stories, written with realism and sensuality. One is "Love Never Dies" by James Patterson (an American author) and the other one is "One More Day" by Fabio Volo (an interesting Italian writer; my first time reading him and I plan on reading other works of his, soon).

*I am thankful and happy to say that I haven't caught the flu bug that's been around or haven't had any big spring allergies. With the weather and seasons changing so fast, the flu has been around and many people have caught it. Luckily for me and for my husband, neither one of us, has.

*My husband has been working a lot this last week. Their company is expanding and they are getting a brand new building and brand-new offices. His work has more than doubled. He is after all one of the I.T. guys and they count on him a lot. While my husband working crazy hours and even spending a couple of sleepless night at work is definitely not wonderful, seeing him even for that little amount of time I have, in the last 7 days, has been wonderful and has put a smile on my face. Sometimes when life gets in the way and our schedules get hectic crazy, we realize how much we love and miss our partners, lovers or significant others even more and that has been the case with us.

*I got to have a hot cup of tea and a little chit-chat with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law this week. They stopped by the building where my workplace is located to see me and to do some shopping, and called me to catch up with me. I don't get to see them often usually due to my schedule since one week I work days and the next week - evenings. Once again, that little precious time we spend with our loved ones when all of us are so darn busy, becomes even more special and even more precious.

*Tomorrow I get to have breakfast and coffee with one of my closest, dearest friends whom I haven't seen in a little over two weeks because she has moved to a new house and she has been even busier than me. While Friday is payday and even-though I will try to be REAL GOOD in the month of April (that's the promise I have made myself), I may pick up a new pair of Ballet Flats I need for Spring only if they are at a good price (25$ or less). So tomorrow and Friday are two things I am looking forward to and for which I am happy, this Wednesday. =)

How has your Week and your Wednesday been so far?! Hope it was WONDERFUL...!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Olive Green Paired with Fuchsia... and I am Back!!

Finally having an outfit post. Hip Hip Hoorrayyyy!! I have been MIA but I need to explain why. You guys, this entire month of March, I haven't had a working home computer. My husband and I share a lap-top. Hopefully a few months into my new job, I can purchase a new lap-top however it is not in our budget now as this summer we plan to move to a newer, bigger, better apartment and we need to furnish it some more, also. Mid-February our lap-top started heating up, especially by where you plug in the charger. Granted it could be out fault, since we mostly use it from the comfort of our bed, laying down. It was OK for a while but it heated up so much one day that it started to burn the outside circle part (that inserts into the lap-top) of the cable of the charger. My husband finickled with it for a while, but the charger was no good. For about a week and a half we used my in-laws charger every now and then so at least I could check my personal e-mail & Facebook. We gave in and purchased a new charger. The new charger wouldn't stay on correctly the whole time, so we would have to play with it or place a thin book under the cable in order for it to work. My husband - the IT (Information Technology) Guru he is - opened up the lap-top and discovered that there was a loose part inside and that the old charger might have caused some damage inside it. He wasn't able to fix it because he doesn't have all the proper tools and he is more of a Software than Hardware person so it has been sitting on top of his drawer ever since. He hasn't found time still to take it in to a Toshiba place and see what is wrong with it, what parts we need to order new and (hopefully) if it is fixable or not. I hope so because I have sooo many things saved there that I need. My husband works a gazillion hours at his job and they have been so busy installing new computers and a new system this past two weeks that he has had no time for ours. =(

Meanwhile while I can do some blogging from my work computer (shshshhhh don't tell: they haven't blocked Blogger), I can't really upload my daily outfits and save them as files here. Plus there is no Photoshop or similar program I need to use sometime so that the brightness and contrast of my photos is just right. I must say they are strict around here (at work), as I can only use Google and read articles pretty much. Of course I can check my work E-Mail too but no personal networking (like Facebook or Twitter) and no personal E-Mail (hotmail, yahoo, aol, gmail) is allowed.

So, the last few blogs you have seen haven't been Outfit Posts. I have written these blogs during down-time or break-time at work and I have found all the related shopping photos online, saved them quickly for the blog and deleted them all. However last week I took my memory card and went to my in-laws, while spending some quality time with my mother-in-law. I saved most of my photos from the memory card into an USB and started fixing some of them. They don't have photoshop but their computer has this section where you save photos under where you can do small things such as cropping, contrasting and fixing the colors. There you have it, My Long Story about not posting in a long while...

The below photos are the ones I fixed a few days ago at my in-laws, featuring a work outfit I have worn this March. That day I took a lot of outfit posts. Since I haven't done AN OOTD POST IN A WHILE I DECIDED TO SHOW YOU GUYS A TON OF PICS, TODAY. So there you have it, 11 photos today. =) I must say I like the casual yet business-y effect of this outfit. Yes I am wearing legging pants but I have dressed them up with a long blazer, a silk scarf (when tied around the neck they always remind me of an office) and some Mary Jane Pumps. =)
 Of course I had to show a close-up photo of my shoes. They are my latest shoe purchase. I purchased two new pairs of shoes in March and this is one of the two pairs. They don't look anything special in a box, or on the shelf, but on the foot they are much cuter. It is a simple, casual-dressy Mary Jane Style with a 2 or 2.5 inch heel, quite thick and retro. These shoes remind of the 60s - a Time Period whose style I love. =)

Olive Green Skinny Pants/Leggings: Piazza Italia.
Fuchsia, Boat-Neck, Light Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Light Beige, 3/4 Sleeve, Boyfriend Blazer: Express.
Bronze &Gold-Printed Silk Scarf: A Scarf Boutique.
Baby-Pink, Rose-Printed, Hair Claw: Bijoux & Accessories.
4-Stranded, Elastic, Silver Bracelet: Parfois (Recently Purchased).
Gold & Diamond, Engagement/Wedding Rings: From My Husband.
Silver Ring w/ Small, Circle Crystal (left hand): Kohl's.
Silver Ring w/ Iridescent, Multi-Colored, Large, Oval Stone (left hand): Lord & Taylor.
Nude, Trouser Stockings: Payless.
Olive Green, Mary Jane Pumps: Simple Shoes.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Green Loving!

Green Inspirations and Wishful Shopping as Inspired by St. Patrick's Day. =)

So yesterday March 17th, it was St. Patrick's Day. My favorite thing about this Irish-American Day besides drinking green-colored beer, is wearing the beautiful color(s) of Green. Typical Irish Green is quite bright, cheery & pretty. It is a mixture of Kelly Green and Grass. Inspired by this color and by this holiday, I scoured and searched two of my favorite stores and bring you lots of goodies from them. Here is MY WISH-TO-HAVE GREEN LIST from two amazing, cool & casual stores (sister stores, for that matter) Old Navy and Gap.

First I headed on to Old Navy. I used to shop there a lot especially between 2002-2006. Then, I shoped there more rarely until late 2010. But last year, before I left USA to come back to Albania, I scoured and gained lots of new items from Old Navy. I was impressed with their stuff once again. Not only are their prices and sales great, but Old Navy is not just for basics anymore, they even have many kinds of shoes now (besides their usual colorful flip-flops). It is a great brand at cheap prices and not-so cheap quality for men, women, children and babies. Also, in the last couple of years besides shoes, they have introduced me to lots of amazing, cute, colorful scarves, as well as every-day, cute, beaded, colorful jewelry. So here I bring you lots of Green from Old Navy.

That is a cute, little, floral cami above. Love that it is very breathable cotton and besides the girly print I love the big ruffle around it. I would very well pair it with this cropped Green Shrug (great shade of green). I know the two greens are not quite the same but they would compliment each-other without being too matchy matchy. Also that top would look great with any kind of jeans in any blue (dark, medium or light wash; boyfriend, boot-cut, cropped, skinny, etc.) It would look great paired with a maxi skirt (either white or navy preferably), as well as with denim shorts. The shrug would look great with any tank-top or tee in the same color or complimentary color. You can add trousers or cropped, dressy pants with the shrug and a cami and you got a summery work outfit that it is business casual. Also, shrugs look great over sundresses and strapless dresses. This shrug sweater came in several colors and I would scoop it up in at least 3 colors if I could. =)
These 4 items are in a beautiful, light and bright shade of green that I would call Fresh Lime. Don't they remind you of freshly-squeezed lime?! I feel like I want a Corona right about now LOL. First off that beautiful, sleeveless, safari blouse is super cute. It can be dressed up or dressed down; could be worn to work or to a BBQ Party. I would also wear it with that lovely a-line skirt with the skinny, braided beige belt. I would add some beige/light camel flats, a red beaded necklace and some red bangle/s and I would call this outfit LOVINGLY CUTE. The maxi dress is cute too. Once again I love the big ruffle and that fun floral print (flowers bunched in groups). But probably my favorite are these highlighter-green rain-boots which would brighten up any rainy day!! 
3 Adorable accessories in Green. Not one but two lovely scarves that are calling my name. I love the silky stripped scarf featuring Kelly Green, Navy, Light Gray & Yellow (which all these colors look great together). This is a summery scarf that can be worn either loose, tied around the neck like a bow or it would look great tied to a large handbag, too. But I especially love that bright solid green scarf. It is a breezy, summery material and it would punch up a classic beige or black trenchoat. That scarf worn over a trenchoat with slim ankle pants and some fun mustard, navy or yellow loafers = European Chic in an istant. =) And aren't those the cutest Espadrille Ballet Flats ever? Not only are they a gorgeous shade of Emerald, but they even have Polka Dots!!
Here we have 2 cute, light, casual Dresses. The first one is a soft cotton blend shirt-dress. Yes it is casual but worn with the right accessories, would look great for an office job, too. I know I could and would wear it to my job. =) I am in love with that Maxi Dress in all that gorgeous Emerald. The empire-style looks great on me and my curves. I could wear a maxi like this all summer long to lounge around, with similar sandals like shown here, nevertheless.
I grouped these 3 pieces together because out of this entire Green Old Navy Collection, they are my Most Favorite Items. =) Let's start with that beautiful blouse, featuring a puffy, 3/4 sleeve. I like the fact that it has a slight green-on-green print to it and that it is a buttoned-up style. It would look great tucked in or untucked, with pencil skirts, a-line skirts, trousers, dressy pants, ankle/cropped pants, capris, Bermuda shorts - the possibilities are endless. Also that neckline would be perfect with or without a necklace. You can even tie a simple, cute, little silk scarf to compliment the neck, and the silky-looking material of the top. Secondly, those are some gorgeous Kelly Green Wedges. I love the height of the wedge and the espadrille wrap-around tie. I love the fact that they are cloth. They are casual wedges but they can totally be dressed up to wear to a wedding or even the nightclub. Last but not least that is a Gorgeous Little Green Dress (LGD). It hits right above the knee, it contours to the body since it has that elastic part on the waist and looks like a great fit on the chest. I love that it has spaghetti-straps. Yes the material is gauzy, light and casual but once again this dress can be totally glammed up from your work-place, to a fancy date, a girls night out or to a wedding. It all depends on what you wear with it. Simply Lovely Dress!!
Then I headed over to Gap. Just like with Old Navy I hadn't shopped at Gap since 2007 or so. I feel like their quality became cheaper, their colors and styles more dull and their clothes were not that cute anymore. But come Fall 2010 I made a trip to my (then) local Gap and not only did I find a lot of pieces, but all of them at a great either Promotional or Clearance Price. I think that day I bought 13 lucky items. I went back and forth to Gap at least twice a month to check them out and I could always find at least a couple of things worth adding to my closet. Right now this Spring 2012 Gap is truly not dissappointing. I was particularly happy with their collection of tops, dresses & shoes (especially wedges). Also let me add that Gap has cute & comfy bras and panties as well as cool mists, body sprays, fragrance & parfumes that are all light and airy. "Close" is one of my favorite parfumes I wear at least once a week and it's from Gap. Anyway, here is what I would currently want from Gap in Green.

OK So I am usually not one to do matchy-matchy but I think both of these lime-green denim-looking pieces would look great together as long as there is no more green worn in the outfit. A plain white tee or tank, paired with gym shoes, Toms, Ivory flats or even a punchy-pink flat (as well as Girly Converse's like shown in the photo above) would look great with this casual & sporty outfit. I would so wear this with a baseball cap & tennis shoes, to a Baseball Game come May thru September. I used to have a green jacket almost identical to this in almost the same exact Green, also from Gap (back in 2003-2005). I gave it away last year along with 50 other boxes of clothes.
2 simple and cute green tank tops from Gap. The first longer one I love the rather darker green color and the length. I find longer tanks so versatile and they pair so well with short or cropped cardis as well as shrugs. They look great layered with other tanks too. The other tank is more of a cami and judging from the two super-soft, super-cute, super-comfortable camis I purchased last summer (with a promo) from Gap, I am sure this one would be great as well. It looks very nicely-made, super comfy and very similar to my camis from Gap from last summer.
These 2 pieces are gorgeous and together (not on purpose) they make a great set of accessories. I love all the bead work as well as the pop of Yellow & Turquoise in there. The thong sandals are dressy enough to wear at night with a cocktail dress despite the fact that they are flats. Also this pouch is dressy enough to carry instead of a clutch. It would fit your essentials such as cash, credit card/s, ID, lipgloss, mascara, cell-phone, etc.
I am currently MOSTLY Loving every single dress right now from Gap's Spring 2012 Collection. These three dresses are my favorite items in this entire Green Lineup of clothes from Gap, along with the last item (below). The first one is a cute, versatile, practical, comfortable wrap-style piece in a breezy jersey. I own 3 phenomenal wrap-style jersey dresses from Gap (2 of them have short-sleeves, one elbow-sleeves), purchased at least 5-7 years ago and to this day I have kept every single one of them. Granted I haven't worn them a lot but their style is timeless, they wash and stay so well, they don't wrinkle and I love them. This Green one featuring large Navy Polka Dots would be a great 4th Wrap Dress from Gap. That second dress in the deep Emerald Green is so pretty & girly, love the empire-waist and the slight fallen sleeves. I do NOT own a dress in that same exact color and even-though I have several Teal & Emerald Green dresses (four in altogether and 3 of them from The Limited to be exact) this is something I am craving and would love to have, right now. Last but not least my most favorite dress in the bunch is that Zig-Zag, Safari Shirtdress (that is my name for it by copyright LOL). This is kind of short but with darker tights it would look great for work and with bare legs it would make a great dress for anything around town, come summer time. I love the print and the style especially the split collar-neck as well as the length and style of the sleeves. Love it. I think it would work as a great tunic too for leggings, jeggings & skinny jeans. Ahhh.
Last but not least my favorite item in this entire Green Lineup of Clothes (including both Old Navy & Gap) is this gorgeous, Apple Green, Bright, Fun & Cheery Trenchcoat. It is a gorgeous piece: trendy yet classic, modern and timeless but with a twist (due to the color and wide lapel). I am IN LOVE with this trench and the gorgeous details. I also love that it has large buttons that contrast well with it. Had I had the opportunity to be at a Gap store right this moment, this is the first piece I would scoop up. =)
P.S. Love that the backgrounds on these Gap photos are in a soft Lime Green to match the photos. They also match the Green St. Patty's theme of this post, for me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Verbs with a Lot of Meanings (about Myself). =)

Who Am I ?!...
I am... Albanian-American.
I am not... a judgmental person.

I have... lived and loved so far, with all of my heart!
I wish... to travel the world, all 7 continents and all 7 miracles of the world!
I hate... ignorant, cruel, ungrateful people.
I fear... fear itself (nothing is more scary than actual FEAR).

I hear... ...that there is an after-life and I somehow believe that.
I see... beauty everywhere around me, especially through Mother Nature, as well as Man-Made.

I search... for the perfect full moon, the perfect sunrise and the perfect sundown!
I wonder... about the future and babies (my own children).

I regret... nothing much. I see regrets as life's little and big lessons.
I respond... well to kindness, generousity and big-hearted people.
I love... my mom. She is an incredible woman, my beautiful angel, my role model. 
I adore... my husband and the way he makes me feel.

I ache... when I see evil-doing, unfairness, ugliness, hypocrisy, injustice and other malice things happen to good people. 
I cry... (sometimes) when I make love.

I dance... when I feel like it, with or without music on.
I sing... ...when I am happy and in a good mood.

I never... start a fight. I am a peace-lover and a peace-maker (so I am usually not the one to start fights).
I sometimes...... pretend I don't speak Albanian when I am in US or pretend I don't speak English when I am in Albania. (It is funny to me.)

I am not always... rational, sensible or understanding.
I am always... kind, funny and creative.
I am confused... by crimes happening within one's family.
I am interested... in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy.

I need... to start a family soon (my husband and I are planning on it, in the next few months).
I want... a baby very soon. It is time for me to join Motherhood - nothing would make me HAPPIER at the moment.

I should... never complain a lot. Life is too short for complaints.
I shall... never stop trying, with anything in life.

I always... try to behave as good as my parents taught me, just like I want others to behave.
I usually... go to bed fulfilled and happy for the day I just left behind and hopeful for a new, beautiful, bright, sunny day, tomorrow.

I much as I can, from the bottom of my heart and from the pit of my stomach, inside out.
 I live... life to its fullest, taking each day by its beam and squeezing out the beauty of each day in all its capacity.

So..., WHO Are You?!?

(Post idea from Our Love Never Fails). Thank you KINDLY for the ideas. I loved filling this out.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

WISHFUL SHOPPING: Banana Republic Dresses & Sheaths, Part Two.

I Bring you today My Banana Republic Wish-to-Have Dresses List, part two. And YES I currently LOVE almost every single dress from Banana Republic. Anyways, here I have selected 15 more beautiful, elegant, cute dresses and gowns. =)

 I love a sleeveles sheath. They equal sophistication, elegance, class and taste to me. =) This is one of the best dressy, classic yet modern sheaths I have ever seen. What a great, elegant color-blocking. I love that it has two colors and the most basic colors of them all: Black & Nude. Can one go wrong wearing these colors? NOT! It would look great paired with black pumps (like the model) or nude pumps. Add a Black Blazer for the office or to spice things up wear it with a colorful blazer either in a bright violet, hot pink, a neon color, or a red color like a rose red. =)
 I am not quite sure when my love of stripes started, but no matter when it was, it never left me. This is a great summery cocktail dress since it features such fruits & vegetables' colors, like greens and yellows. I love the fact that it is strapless, even more. I wear and own soooo many strapless dresses. Also, from what I can read from the website the material seems quite nice. A Winner in every way!!
 This is similar to the white lacy/eyelet dress I featured yesterday (from Banana Republic, also). This one is more casual and I can see myself wearing it to the beach at night, going for dinner and dancing afterwards. It would also be cute for a luncheon. And while the model's version looks great with flat patent sandals, I can also see a peep-toe pump or a strappy stiletto look great with this dress (to dress it up).
 I need more wrap dresses in my wardrobe and my favorite style of a wrap dress is in a jersey material, right above the knee, with 3/4 sleeves. This one has all three, plus an amazing, gorgeous shade of purple, to boot!! Though I have several purple dresses, not one of them is quite this gorgeous violet shade.
I could use 2-3 new gowns in my wardrobe, you never know when I may need to wear them. This is super-elegant yet kind of bohemian and not too fancy because of the material and the polka dot print. I am in love with polka dots, so much so that I wouldn't mind an entire gown in black & white filled with them. LOL This is chiffon so having worn a chiffon gown for a wedding last summer, I know how breezy and breathable they are, so I can see this one being quite comfortable besides, stylish, pretty & dressy. Last but not least I love the beautiful gathering and detailing at the bust.
 Though Wintery Times are almost behind us, I would still VERY MUCH want this simple yet classy, stripped sweater dress in Gray & Ivory. These are two basic colors that can work from Late September till Early May. I love the length of it because it is not too short for me to wear to work (with thick tights or even nude tights), but it is also kind of short that it can be worn with leggings, jeggings or skinny pants. Also, how cute would a French beret or a cap look with it? Too Cute! I have very similar, flat black boots to pair this with (for the colder months).
 This would make a great dress for a special entrance, like a Red Carpet, a Fancy Movie Premiere, a Romantic, Candlelight Dinner at a 5-Star Restaurant to Celebrate a Special Anniversary, or as a Guest to a Black-Tie Wedding. I love love love every single thing about it. It is super sexy even-though it is quite simple. The grayish-beige champagne color poured into a shimmery lace, strapless with a small but pretty silk bow tied around the waist make you look like a gorgeous present in front of your guests, as the guest of honor, as the bride-to-be, or next to your significant other (regarding on where you are wearing it, to). This might be my most favorite dress I feature in this post.
 Another Gorgeous Royal Blue Cocktail Dress with a fun sweetheart neckline featuring some rouching and some pleats by the waist. I love the mix of the two different materials (top to bottom), making the dress look even richer, fancier, better. I would love to have this exact dress for one of the upcoming weddings I will attend this summer. =) One of my top 5 dresses in this list.
 This simple Little Sand/Beige Eyelet Dress would work from day to night. It looks amazing paired with color-blocked wedges stacked high. Those wedges can take it right to the club. All you need is a gold/brown python clutch and similar jewelry, though I would prefer a long, dangly pendant necklace, gold clover earrings and gold bangles as opposed to the darker jewelry worn above.
This is the sheath version of the strapless, stripped green/yellow dress I loved (a few dresses above). I love the pairing of grays with coral/pinks. A little bit of neutral earthy tones, paired with some bright yet pastel spring colors. Once again, the same color-blocked wedges look amazing with this dress.
 Gosh I love these wedges. I had to address this, before I talk about this amazing Shirt Dress. I own several shirt dresses (from bebe, The Limited, Martin & Osa, Express and even a couple from Banana Republic). I find them great to wear to work, for cocktails, during a semi-casual weekend, with your girfriends or with your guy. =) I have one in a similar color with short sleeves, but I like this one a touch better. To me shirt-dresses are the dress version of a trench coat. They are classic, stylish and never go out of style. =) I need to get my hands on a beige/nude/sand/khaki shirtdress this summer. One of my most favorites in the bunch.
Let me start by saying how amazingly beautiful the teal-turquoise color of this gown is! OK!! Plus it is one shoulder (I love assymetry in dresses), plus it is long, which equals to one amazing gown. Once again I love that it doesn't look too fancy. It is edgy and sweet enough at the same time. I will go after my taylor to sew me one identical to this as I plan on wearing it to my cousin's wedding. I have to find a nice material in the same or super similar color and the rest is up to her. ;-) I want to emphasize that a french bun looks great wearing this style of a dress. Once again this gown makes my top 5 favorites in today's picks.
 This simple T-Shirt Dress would be simple and breathable enough to wear over a swim-suit, elegant and not too short to wear at work (with or without a jacket or a cardigan), cute and sweet to wear to a dinner and movies date, casual and sporty enough to pair with Toms, Skechers, Converse sneakers or other tennis shoes. You can even wear a baseball cap and add a jersey over the dress to wear it to a baseball game or a football game. Yes, this dress is multi-purposes combined.
 I call this a My Poppy Pink Dress. The flowers may or may not be real poppies but they sure look like it. This dress puts a smile on your face even by you looking at it. The flowers are big, bold and bright enough to un-gloom even your darkest summer day or evening. To a wedding it can be worn as is or with a shrug, a shawl, a silk scarf or a cardi. To work it can be worn with a single-colored blazer or cardigan (buttoned in the last 3-4 buttons and with a skinny belt over it). Nude peep-toes, pink peep-toes or even turquoise peep-toes are what I would pick as the perfect shoes to wear with this dress. And if you are bold enough to wear turquoise or baby blue shoes, add a beaded turquoise necklace and a gold or nude clutch with this dress and I am sure heads will be turned, when you walk by them. =)
Last but not least, I leave you with a simple, elegant and sexy, strapless navy dress. I am in love with navy these last few months and I never owned a lot of navy so adding more navy pieces is a must for me and my wardrobe. If I was at a BR Store today and had to choose just one dress, this would have been the one I chose. Navy is just as classic, as natural and versatile as black. Yet it looks a little different. Those pewter pumps look amazing with it, but I think silver pumps or silver strappy stilettos or peep-toes would look just as amazing. And of course, some simple silver jewelry (no necklace, a couple of wide bangles and a fun pair of silver earrings - not too dangly yet with a little bit of pop and length). That's it and this dress would reach a level of perfection!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

WISHFUL SHOPPING: Banana Republic Dresses & Sheaths, Part One.

I have always loved the elegance, class, demeanor, sophistication, ease and beauty Banana Republic has to offer. That brand makes clothes after my heart. However since Fall 2009 until late summer of last year (2011) I have shopped less and less there because there haven't been many things I had to have or really wanted. However once Fall 2011 started and the Mad Men Collection was born, I am officially HOOKED ON again to Banana Republic. Currently I am in love with almost every single dress they feature on their website. Can you say I've got Spring on my mind?!? And you girls know how Muuuuuch I love Dresses so there will be a second part to this blog, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, let me give you 16 reasons to Love Banana Republic again. =))

Coral is a great color this Spring 2012, as is Orange & Camel. I am in love with this soft eyelet, coral sheath. Paired with a soft elbow-length sleeve cardigan or a 3/4-sleeve blazer it would work for work. Paired with a lovely gold shawl or an off-white shrug, it would make a great dress for a wedding. There is a very similar dress to this (I saw before seeing this one) at Koton - an European Brand, here in Tirana where I currently reside. It is almost half the price of this one and the quality is quite nice. I might have to wait for a little sale and add that similar beauty to my closet. =)
 There is such a classic look to this Little Black Dress. It is not just a dress for work or for the office. It truly means business. Love how simple yet so sexy it is. Love the soft V-Neckline and the thin square-buckled belt. Also, this dress works wonders paired with those amazing nude & ivory pumps and that amazing nude clutch. Just add pearl stud earrings and a soft strand of pearls to your neck, and you are ready to conquer the world, in this.
 This one is simple but neat. There was a time when I owned and wore a lot of wrap-style dresses. I don't have many nowadays and this would be a great addition to both my work closet and my fun closet. It can work for my job and for the bar, as well as a date night with my hubby.
Another dress from the amazing Mad Men Collection. Truly beautiful, a masterpiece!! What's not to like for real!? It has a gorgeous shade of hot pink (like a royal fuchsia), a beautiful a-line skirt, and a sophisticated and womanly empire waist. Once again on my top 3 dresses. I would wear this to my cousin's wedding this summer, in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact I would pair it with my nude pumps, a gold or snake-print clutch, some gold jewelry with pops of pink and turquoise stones. ;-)
I love a nice, little white dress. And I like a short LWD even more. This one is short but not too short. It could be great for dressy summer parties, bridal showers and fun cocktail evenings. As a matter of fact we went out last night with my girlfriends, and one of them was wearing a dress very similar to this. It was the same length and neckline, in a soft lace (not see-through since it had a built-in tank dress underneath, except it featured long sleeves). Her mom had sewn it for her and due to the fact that I love this dress, I will taylor one for me, this upcoming Spring/Summer.
 This dress is beautiful, feminine and fun. It is a cute, flirty print once again featuring 4 awesome colors for Spring 2012: Coral, Pink, Orange & Beige/Tan. I like that it is elegant and demure. The print is bright and bold but the length and style make it a great piece for work. And once again it would work for a shower, an engagement party, a rehearsal dinner and such.
This is a nice fun sheath in a slight color-blocking of navy and black. The length features your great legs for a fun night out. I also love the length of the sleeves. A beautiful, bold wide bracelet or cuff looks great with such a dress.
 Another beautiful sheath in the non-color of beige or nude. This has a retro feel to it and it is very much a Mad Man-esque kind of dress. Great for work, but it can also double for an evening out dress, or something to wear to a wedding.
 I am a sucker for Blue, especially Royal Blue or Electric Blue. This dress satisfies a lot of my cravings and styles I prefer in a dress. Great color(s) I Love Blue; a soft, feminine floral print; it is strapless (I love strapless dresses); it has a flirty, A-line skirt; it features a little bit of gathering for extra curve appeal; it is short yet not too short. This can be worn to a wedding for daytime, to a picnic or to a concert, as long as you choose the right accessories to pair it with, dressed up or dressed down.
This is probably my MOST FAVORITE Dress or at least in top 3 that Banana Republic currently has in store for its clients. I love that steel metal, coffee-gray look, the subtle print of paisley, the very simple sheath style of no sleeves and knee-length. From the cut and style it says BUSINESS, but from the material and sparkle it reads PLEASURE. And when both of these worlds collide in the Fashion World, they make beautiful dresses like these. No wonder it is one of the most expensive ones, plus it's a Monogram dress.
 Another Chic Spring/Summer Dress for Mid to Late Spring and into the Summer. I am a sucker for white and I am a sucker for eyelet. This dress satisfies "both of these needs" for me. So cute, simple, casual, sophisticated and a little bohemian. This is what I would call A Breezy, Cool White Dress.
 This one is quite simple. I am more after the print of the dress than anything else. It reminds me of the 50s and the 60s which were both great eras in the fashion world. That big, bold, vintage-y rose print is not what some might call grandma's curtains' from back in the day. I think it is sophisticated and soft.
This dress and the girl wearing it look like a Tall, Refreshing, Crisp, Cool and Delicious Glass of Lemonade to me. This soft, buttery to lemony yellow reminds me of a cool lemonade in a hot summer day. This dress is beautiful and very feminine. The sweetheart strapless neckline is girly yet grown-up enugh for me. One of my top 3 faves in this list, for sure.
 WOW that's all I can say about this amazing Fuchsia Color!! This Neon Hot Pink is all the rage, now! The cowl-neck is one of those necklines I have always liked. While I prefer it better in sweaters, tops and blouses, I welcome it in dresses, too, for a change. Plus this one looks like a soft silk. It would be a great dress for a semi-dressy wedding. It would work for both an outdoors and indoors reception.
 Another great retro look from the amazing designers of the Mad Men Collection. This butter-beige is a beautiful color that would work well with my brunette locks and greenish-hazel eyes. I love the detail from the waist up, but I particularly love the tiny, cute, soft, cap sleeves. =)
Last but not least, a fun, feminine, beautiful, breezy, chiffon dress in a gorgeous shade of light green, like a mixture of mint and seafoam. I barely own anything in this same exact color so the color is reason enough for me to want this dress (it truly is beautiful). Plus the detail on the chest area and the slight A-line, make my heart sing!!! Once again pairing it with nude peep-toes is great. That simple nude-looking necklace featuring some sparkly stones, looks great with it, too.