Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An LBD with some LEOPARD in it.

So, this is an elegant, conservative-looking Little Black Dress. It is sleeveless, sort of like a sheath and over the shoulders it has a little palette of lace, for just a touch of sexy in it. I paired it with a leopard print cardigan (one of my favorites) and some adorable 50's-like leopard print pumps. Yes, they do feature one of my favorite patterns/prints, but these pumps also have round toes, a very cute, big bow on the side and cone triangle heels. They look very retro and I adore them. I think the result came out great. I had just colored my hair that day. It looks more black than it actually came out, however this is very similar to my own hair color. I must say I got many compliments at work, this day. =) I agree as I LOVED THE RESULTS!!

Black Sheath w/ Lace Palettes on the Shoulders: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Leopard-Print, 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan: White House Black Market.
Black on Black, Square-Patterned Tights: The Limited.
Leopard-Print , Round-Toe Pumps w/ Side Bows: MIA.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012. =)

Hi Girls. So this is the month I promised myself I would blog every day but what do you know, my lap-top decided to break on me. =P Technically the lap-top is not broken (thankfully), it is just the charger. We ordered a new one and should get it by Thursday at the latest. Until then I have been and will still use my work computer (shshh... don't tell) to give you some new posts and hopefully new outfits worth looking at.

I know you "were dying to see" what I wore this year for Valentine's Day. After all, during an earlier post last week I mentioned a certain pale pink mini-dress. So, today here you have my Valentine's Day outfit in all its glory. =) It is one of the fewest Valentines I did not wear Red (so expected and also SO MY COLOR!!) However I proceeded wearing something Red for the next 3 days in a row. I guess I celebrated Valentine's all week long. LOL And speaking of the day of Love, I received a gorgeous silver & pearl necklace (you will see in future posts) as well as a beautiful bouquet of flowers featuring 10 perfect red roses, one perfect white rose, some lilacs, some greenery and some baby breaths. =) I love My Man and he loves me too. Doesn't he look elegant and sharp, below, as well?!

So, the two of us met another couple (friends of ours) to have a fabulous 5-course dinner at a fancy Steakhouse Restaurant. Dinner was great but the dessert was greater: My Favorite Creme Caramel. The company however was THE GREATEST! Below in the photo you will see my tall and beautiful friend in her elegant Valentine's Day wear, as well.
Satin-Silk, Soft Baby Pink Layered Dress with Lace Inserts: Armani X.
Python-Print Purple, Red, Fuschia & Orange Clutch: Nine West.
Violet, Suede, T-Strap Mary Jane Wedges: Old Navy (they look incredible and quite expensive for Old Navy.)
Hot Pink Flower Pin for My Hair: Fred's Jewelry.
Long Dangly Earrings w/ Orange, Red, Yellow & Purple Stones: A Gift to Myself for Valentine's Day.
Double-Breasted, 3/4 Length, Gray Wool Coat: Bebe.
Soft Pink, Wool Scarf: A Boutique in Tirana.

My Friend's Outfit:
Navy, Banded, Short, One-Shouldered, Cocktail Dress: Dress Barn.
Navy Shrug: Purchased in Tirana, Albania.
Black Patent Leather Pumps: Target.
Silver Necklace & Matching Earrings w/ small Circle Iridescent Stones: Gifted to Her from Me for Valentine's Day (by Fred's Jewelry.)

P.S. As you can tell besides the fact that the four of us had a great time, the place was so pretty too. This lovely restaurant is inside a gorgeous place very well-known in Tirana called "Tajvani". They have another restaurant there too (Italian), a beautiful large bar-cafe, a night lounge, a huge bowling area, a casino, as well as beautiful stairs surrounded by many pieces of art among other pretty things.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

WISHFUL SHOPPING: White House Black Market Tops & Light Sweaters.

I worked at White House Black Market for almost a year and a half and even before I worked there, I adored that store for the last 4-5 years. It is quite expensive but if you buy their stuff on sale (most of their stuff gets marked down so early within 3-4 weeks), or if you do their promotions and add coupons, you are looking at savings of 40-70%. Their clothes are effortlessly stylish, easy comfort, beautifully-tailored, elegant, feminine, business-y but not too stuffy and with very nice details such as great buttons, unique necklines, ruffles, etc. I love everything from there especially their cardigans, dresses, bustiers, jeans & jewelry.

Well, as you all know I left United States a little over 3 months ago and I don't plan on visiting back until next year, therefore no WHBM Shopping for me for quite a while, but we can all dream and wish when it comes to shopping so every now and then I will dedicate posts to FAVORITE ITEMS OF CLOTHING from Favorite Stores. I will call these specials: WISHFUL SHOPPING and right here is My First one. =)

I am dedicating this one to WHBM Tops and Sweaters. Spring is in the air and beautiful tops and blouses are necessary in one's wardrobe. If I was in US right now and had won the lottery I would add all of these tops into my wardrobe. Meanwhile I can Wish...
Draped Sleeves & Boat-Necks.
First off, I would love to have ALL of these tops because of their beautiful sleeves, elegant, effortless, chic look and because they feel easy breezy on. How do I know, that they feel so easy & comfortable on? That's because I have several tops this style from White House Black Market and I adore them. I love the wide, draped sleeves featured here. I also like the looser necklines, such as a wider scoop or a boat neck. The wider sleeves add some coolness to the style of the tops, kind of like Kimono sleeves in a modern 21st Century way. I also love stripes and color-blocking so all of these tops are right up my alley. The best thing about them is that they can be dressed up or down, as well. They would look great with a long necklace, a long chain, a pendant or a long set of dainty beads. My most favorite ones out of these six are: the 1st one in a light sand color, with ivory & black stripes; the 5th one in black & white zig-zagging and the 6th one in a deep, dark blue, in a light material (this would be perfect with jeans, on a casual weekend day). 

A Little Red & a Little Floral.
I am such a girly girl at heart. Red is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COLOR and Floral is a type of Pattern I can wear anytime, no matter how hot or bright the season. I believe Floral Print to always be IN STYLE, never out of style. If you combine the two (like the two silky blouses featured) even better. I own at least 4 or 5 similar silk, floral-print, peasant-type of tops like blouses #s 2 & 6, from WHBM. But every season, they came out with a couple new ones and of course I wanted them. Same with this season. There is something so peaceful, feminine and bohemian about these blouses. I feel so pretty & feminine in them. That red sweater too, is amazing, and I love that it is in a soft yarn and a little see-through. While that low-V black top with white stripes and a cascade of red flowers up front, would look great for cocktails, paired with skinny jeans and stilettos, as well as under a suit jacket with a black pencil skirt and patent leather pumps. I have a very hard time choosing my favorites from above as I love the cardigan too (just like I love every single cardi I own from WHBM). But If I had to pick favorites: the 1st one, the 2nd, 3rd & 5th one would be what I REALLY HAD TO HAVE, had I had the opportunity to shop at WHBM, this February 2012.
Sexy & Sweet Sweaters.
Certainly I love WHBM Sweaters and all of the above eight are perfect now for Spring and if it is still a little bit chilly out, can be perfectly paired with a leather blazer and a cute scarf in a cute whimsical or floral print (for a dash of color). I am loving all of these beauties because of how rich and elegant they look, especially the eyelet sweaters (#s 1, 3, 4 & 6). I know the 3/4 sleeve beige, white & navy sweaters look like they could be triplets but I am in love with that style and why not have too much of a good, stylish thing?!? I also love the color beige. The non-color of nudity looks like second skin and if you are tanned (for early summer) it will look even better on. That amazing flyaway cardigan in that soft sandy color with the black collar (the 7th item) is something a woman can wear daily from day to night, from work to running errands to having cocktails, it all depends on what else you wear with it. Once again I am having such a hard time choosing but if I had to from this category I love best the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th & 7th.

Until next time, what are you Wishful Shopping for?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tweedy Wine.

I am currently listening to one of my favorite songs titled "It's Too Late to Apologize". I just love this song: the sound, the musical aspect of it, the mix of a great band and a Hip Hop Singer, the beautiful instrumental parts of it and the message its lyrics express, as well. While I am contemplating what to wear to work tomorrow I want to GREET ALL OF YOU FABULOUS FASHIONISTAS with this amazing song.

Starting yesterday it started to warm up here in Tirana. The sun is out and the temperature went up by about 6 to 9 degrees (Celsius) that is quite a change. Today was even prettier and warmer than yesterday and of course the weather called for a short dress with short sleeves, with thin tights. I had my puffy jacket and knit scarf to keep me warm. Below is what I have worn recently to work, as a daily outfit. Take Care Guys!!
Wide-Legged Grayish/Taupe Tweed Pants: New York & Company.
Wine-Colored, Warm, Wool Cardigan: Pink Shadow.
Black+White Stripped Tee w/ Little Black Ruffle (on the Neckline): White House Black Market.
Silver-Gray, Glass, Beaded, Multi-Faceted Necklace + Matching Silver-Gray, Glass, Beaded, Studs: White House Black Market.
Burgundy, Leather & Suede Loafers: Bandolino.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Taupe Warm Look.

Hello and Happy Sunday!! What did you all do today? Unlike most Sundays Off when it is usually Date day for husband and I, I spent almost all day in bed today. I caught up on some sleep, I relaxed, I posted many photos onto my lap-top, checked my e-mail and Facebook and caught up on "Revenge" My New Favorite TV Show from this 2011-2012 TV Season. =)

So obviously I won't be posting today's outfit, neither yesterday's (I'll save that for a later date). Today's outfit consisted of stripped, turquoise, fleece pajamas and a loose Gray Henley (My Husband's) in case you were wondering. Yesterday I wore a hell of an outfit if I must say so myself with a beautiful, brand-new, lavender pencil skirt. While I will be posting that soon, here is something else I've worn this week at work and for lunch with a friend. =)

Taupe/Gray, Belted Sweater Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Lace-Trimmed, Burgundy Camisole (peeking from underneath the dress' neckline): White House Black Market.
Burgundy, Military-Style, Velvet Blazer: White House Black Market.
Tiny, Sparkly, Metallic Silver Stud Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Thick, Navy Blue Tights: Pompea.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shades of Lavender and Layers of Warmth.

Hi Girls. What's new and exciting in your lives? How was your Valentine's Day? What gifts did you get and most importantly WHAT DID YOU WEAR? I will answer ALL of these Questions Myself when I post my Valentine's Day Outfit from a couple days ago. Meanwhile I am finishing up this blog, while at work. (I uploaded all the photos earlier in the morning, from my own lap-top, at home).

While it has been a Mild Winter in USA in general, especially in the Mid-West where it is usually freezing cold (I lived for 15 years in Michigan and Illinois - I know), it has been the opposite in Europe. Even the warmest of countries such as Mediterranean ones like Italy, Greece, Cyprus & Turkey have experienced super-low temperatures this winter, usually below zero degrees celsius and at times, snow, and not just a little snow. Albania has had a very cold winter too, including Tirana where I now reside. Tirana is known for mild winters however this year was an exception. While both far South and all North Cities have had entire weeks of snow, all the way up to your knees. That's why long sweaters (mostly long cardigans) and warm, thick leggings tucked into flat-heeled cozy boots, have been "my uniform" this past winter, as you will see in today's blog and continue to see through some blogs, later as well. I can't help it. It's a good thing, we are supposed to dress business-casual at work, which means it is not too stuffy or stiff. Which also means, I can continue to dress in warm and comfy leggings and sweaters. =)

Long, Lavender Cardigan: Pink Shadow (a nice, affordable Italian Brand which is also made in Italy).
Violet, Light-Cotton, Mock Turtleneck: T Box.
Thick, Black, Ponte Leggings: White House Black Market.
Dusty Pink/Lavender, Thick, Warm, Wool, Winter Scarf: Purchased this Winter in Albania.
Steel Gray, Silver-y, Glass Crystal Necklaces (it's actually 2 of the same necklaces; I purchased two in case I wanted to wear it as one, together): White House Black Market.
Leather, Black, Skinny Belt: Banana Republic.
Black, Leather Boots: Impo.

P.S. I Love how Pretty, Natural and Shiny My Hair looks when it is completely straight and flat-ironed, like in here. =)