Friday, December 23, 2011

A Lovely, Velvety, Christmasy LBD.

So I am sorry I haven't posted as regularly as I'd like to or as regularly as I promised. It is due to having some internet difficulties which I hope are fixed for good, especially since these days I am free, without a job just yet and have a lot of time in my hands.

So what's new, on my end? On Wednesday I colored and trimmed my hair, added a few layers and went a tiny bit lighter, perhaps a shade lighter or so. It's amazing how the day you get your hair done, you look and feel like a brand-new person, because it is so shiny, smooth, pretty and overall makes you look shinier, smoother, prettier. Overall I am very happy. It looks sooooo healthy AND brand-new. That makes me smile especially since it is Winter. I have also gone on a little shopping spree. I know it's the Holiday Season and all and we are all supposed to spend for others, buy gifts for others, etc. But I can't help it if I find cute, nice, affordable things for myself. After all I have always been the type to treat myself for Christmas/New Year's. Yes, I have gotten my share of gifts (in Albania it is tradition to give them on New Year's Eve), but also I like purchasing at least a couple of new things I can and would wear for the holidays or special occasions at the end of the year. I normally give myself a 250$ limit for my own gifts to myself, for the end of the year holidays. I am almost close to reaching my limit and have put some things on hold as well. So far I have gotten 3 dresses (one I plan on wearing for Christmas), a pair of gym shoes, a pair of stilettos (I am wearing these for New Year's Eve), 2 scarves, 2 purses, 2 turtleneck sweaters, 2 sweater vests, 3 pairs of wintery tights, a pair of wintery leggings & a blouse. Yep, all of these for under 250$. Now how could I resist all of these? LOL Plus everything is so pretty, fits me wonderfully and I plan on wearing them for a while. I am especially in love with my dresses & purses.

I also purchased 2 new winter jackets/coats but I am not considering them as Christmas Gifts to myself since they were two items I needed and basically had to have despite being the Holidays or not. I got one that's like a pinkish red, and the other one that's a mustardy yellow. I know what you are thinking Ketchup & Mustard but that was not my intention. LOL They are both very similar, were from the same designer. The red one is short/cropped, the other one is like a 3/4 length (covers my butt basically). I purchased them both for (drum-roll please) 64$. I will be taking some photos of all of my new items and show you guys. =)

For now I am leaving you with an outfit I had to blog about, even if it is about 5 weeks old. This lovely outfit is what I wore to the Fabulous Goodbye Dinner Party, My Parents held at their House in Michigan, just 3 days before I left, on Sunday November 13th 2011. Gosh I miss my family so much this Christmas. As tradition one of the homes (there are 5 families in all, between my parents, uncles & aunts) would host Christmas Dinner on the 25th where there would be plenty of awesome food, all kinds of drinks, lots of dancing, gift exchanging and a ton of fun overall (*cries inside*), but this year I will be spending Christmas with My Husband's Family instead, in a brand new city, in a different continent, in Tirana, Albania, EUROPE. Before I leave you on to my outfit for today, I want to wish to each and every one of you Fashionable Ladies:
Happy HolidayS!! Have a Beautiful, Happy, Healthy & Blessed Christmas!! May you get lots of nice gifts!!

 Black, Velvet, Ruched, Dress: White House Black Market.
Pearl & Silver Rhinestone Necklace: White House Black Market.
 Stretchy Pearl, Bobble Bracelet (on Right Wrist): White House Black Market.
Flower Pearl, Post Earrings: NY& Co (New York & Company).
Brown, Corduroy Military Jacket: Forever 21.
Black Stripped Tights: Old Navy.
Soft Leather Gold Loafers: J.C. Penney.
These last pictures, I am "Showing Off" My Amazing Cake which tasted great, just as it looked awesome!
Ahhh this was a great, fantastic, unforgettable, day which is etched in my memory and heart forever! =) So many wonderful people I will for sure MISS!! I love My Parents, My Brother and my Extended Family sooooo very muuuuuuuch!!