Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday Feature: ADA - the Girl Who Ended Her Twenties in Style!! [Part 1.]

Unlike every week, today's Tuesday Feature is on myself since tomorrow on May 4th is My Birthday. =) So YEAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! (This title says it all about how old I am. LOL Well I am not one to hide my age anyways.) So to honor My Birthday and the milestones I have left behind, as well as to celebrate my clothes plus my love of everything I shop for that has to do with Style & Fashion, I am dedicating this feature to myself. =) After all this is my blog and most bloggers post daily outfits of themselves, dedicating blogs daily to themselves!! =D

My birthday is tomorrow so starting tomorrow and through the rest of the week I plan on celebrating a little with my loved ones, looking pretty & stylish all the way. I even bought myself new dresses and accessories for this occassion. =) In this post I am going to post Birthday Outfits from the last 5-6 previous Birthdays I have celebrated. I didn't have a blog then, so I am sure you would be interested to see what I came up with during my birthday. I am a dresses and skirts/blouses girl without having an occassion, let alone when I do have occassion to dress up & celebrate, so here are My Birthday Outfits from the years & milestones left behind, taking beautiful memories and spending great times with great people, along the years. =) Enjoy them. I had just as much fun bringing back the memories as I am posting these. ;-)

YEAR 2006

Where & When: It was the Eve of my Birthday on May 3rd 2006 (celebrating together with one of my closest, best friends Denise) @ Tucan Tango in West Bloomfield, MI. (We had soooo much fun together that night and we even ran into some people we know.)
Silk, See-Through, Black & Beige Blouse: The Limited.
Cropped, Silk, Dressy, Black Cargo Pants: Forever 21.
Gold, Plastic, Bobble Bracelet: Old Navy.
Skinny Watch w/ Lime-colored Band: Avon.
Black, Silk & Beaded, Pointy Sling-back Pumps: DSW.

Where & When: Right down the stairs from our Apartment building, (at the time). These Photos were taken just for fun by my lovely husband. It was a pretty, warm & springy May day, right on May 4th 2006, exactly on my birthdate. The little pond with ducks looked so pretty.
Black & White, Breezy, Poplin, Halter Dress: The Limited.
Little, Silver Drop Earrings: I don't Know.
Cognac & Black, Platform Wedges w/ Flower Cut-Outs: Esprit.
P.S. Later that day Hubby & I had dinner @ Carraba's in Novi, but I don't have a full-length photo from my outfit. I changed dresses. (I Wore a little floral dress from American Eagle, with a Baby Pink Curduroy Blazer since it was a little chilly.)
YEAR 2007

Where & When: Dinner (with My Husband) @ Carraba's Restaurant in Novi, MI on the Eve of my Birthday on May 3rd 2007.
Fuchsia-Red, A-Line, Girly, V-Neck Dress w/ Brown Sash: The Limited.
Washed-Out Denim Blazer: Rampage.
Fuchsia Plastic Bangles: Express.
 Beaded Purple/Lavender, Ombre Necklace: Express.
 Beaded Earrings w/ Coral, Orange & Red Stones: Express.
Maroon, Fan-Shaped, Evening Bag: Old Navy.
Black Stilettos with Colorful Circles: Nine West.

Where & When: We started the night @ Bamboo Club and then we spent most of that Friday evening @ Club M-Bar-Go, (on my actual Birthdate), May 4th 2007. (This was a birthday celebration with my best friend Denise and some of my friends from work.)
Breezy, A-Line, White Cotton Dress: The Limited.
 Silver Drop Earrings: The Limited.
Silver Rhinestone Bracelet + Silver, Rhinestone Cocktail Ring: Express.
Periwinkle, Snake-Skin, Wedge Sandals: BCBG.
Where & When: Tucan Tango on May 5th 2007. (This time I celebrated My Birthday and Cinco De Mayo over Tapas and Drinks @ Tucan, on Saturday Night with My Lovely Cousins & Young Family Members.)
Dressy Black Pants: JC Penney's.
Mustard, V-Neck Sweater w/ Puffy, Elbow-Length Sleeves: The Limited.
Small Drop Earrings w/ Lime Rhinestones: NY & Co.
Little Silver Necklace w/ Silver & Baby Blue Rhinestones: Wet Seal.
Black T-Strap Pumps: DSW.

Where & When: Our Joint Big Birthday Bash on May 19th 2007 @ Tucan Tango. (My Husband's Birthday is also in May, right after mine. That year we decided to throw a huge birthday party for us both, at our favorite Spanish-inspired club/bar @ the time Tucan Tango [R.I.P.] There were about 50 people that showed up, close friends, some co-workers, cousins, etc. We had a great, great time and I never felt sexier or younger, looking like a Golden Greek Godess, head to toe. Even matching our golden balloons.)
Grecian-Style, One-Shoulder, Metallic, Mini Dress Dress: Bebe.
 Gold Bangles (on the right wrist): bebe.
Gold & Silver Rhinestone Cocktail Ring: Macy's.
Gold Cuff (on the left wrist): Lord & Taylor.
Gold Hoop Earrings: H&M.
Mustard-Gold, T-Strap Gladiator Sandals: Nine West.
Hair & Makeup. By Me.

 Where & When: @ Our Apartment the Morning After Our Big Birthday Party (with Our Second Birthday Cake). May 20th 2007.
Blue Jean, Very Mini-Skirt: Guess.
Magenta Bow-Tie-Neck Tee: Express.
Birthday Cake: Local Bakery (Yummy).

P.S. I started writing this post yesterday (on May 3rd 2011) in the evening but after dinner and a glass of wine I got tired and never got back to it until today on my Birthday. So here are just some of my Past Birthday Outfits. Stay Tuned for Part 2.