Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Springy Outfit from Work to Dinner. =)

I love me some fun, bold, colorful, sassy, cute and notice-me clothes. I certainly have many bold and fun pieces in my wardrobe, though I wouldn't wear more than 3 at once LOL. But every now and then I want to be able to create an outfit that will take me from work to dinner and even to after-dinner drinks. I wore this polished yet cute-for-the-evening outfit, from work to a dinner out with my favorite man: my husband of course. As you will see I have paired slim satin black pants with simple, not very high (pretty practical) suede black pumps, and a cute blouse with a small pastel floral print and a low V-neck (but not low enough for work since I put a seamless flesh-colored camisole underneath). Oh and this is a few weeks old but you know by now I am late with blogging as always, so my hair has grown quite a bit since that last haircut. So here are the results of my simple but elegant day-to-evening look.

P.S. Dinner was yummy too, by the way. We went to Champps. We even had room for a large Lager each and we shared a colossal piece of New York Cheesecake drizzled with chocolate & caramel, yummyyyyy!!!
Slim, Satin Black Pants: Old Navy.
Wide-Sleeve Pastel, Small Flower-Print Blouse + Seamless Brown Camisole (Under): NY & Co.
Beaded Gold, Antique-Looking, Chandelier Earrings: Vintage.
2 Bracelets: Brown & Orange, Both Stretchy Bobble Style: Charlotte Russe.
Leather Nude Jacket: Banana Republic (it's so soft and neutral, I love it.)
Orange Leather Purse: Prada (purchased in my honeymoon, in Italy, Summer of 2005.)
Parfume: J'Ador by Lancome (one of my top 3 favorite parfumes.)
Black, Suede, Slingback Pumps w/ Buckle Detail: Payless Shoe Source.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Express Dresses & Rompers on My Wish List.

Today's Post is all about Express as in the brand, the store. More specifically this is about the new Express Dresses I am craving and hunting to buy this Spring/Summer. I have always liked Express (for the past decade or so), especially for its cute and girly tops, its nice and versatile (as well as colorful) sweaters, its great-fit and stylish jeans and especially for their dresses, specifically for their casual, easy-to-wear dresses. I own a lot, a lot of Express stuff, though I haven't shopped much there in the last 6-9 months, but I think that's about to change LOL.

I still love Express and I do appreciate their promotion sales and how many coupons they send so often whether by Mail or E-Mail. I have especially been buying lots of dresses from them, in the last 5-6 years, even more so during spring & summer. I am not going to lie to you guys and say that the quality of their dresses is still the same because it isn't (at least I didn't think so the last few times I was there). By the same quality I mean nice, good, not cheap-looking or cheap materials, worth it for their mid-to-fairly-expensive price range. The quality of the dresses has gone down for sure, at least I thought so Last Fall/Winter and I didn't buy any Holiday Dresses Last Winter from their line, except one. I went to the store one late November day with the mindset of looking and shopping for dresses only and I tried about 12 dresses on, about 3-4 of them looked like were falling apart while still in tags (though a couple of these I adored style-wise), some were cheap-looking or too short at least for my age and for my taste (I am not 20-21 anymore). I decided that I only liked about 4 or 5 of the ones I tried and I loved 2-3 of them but only decided to buy the one I had to have and looked for dresses elsewhere. So, I settled for a little more pricey, some of them fancier, yet a much much better quality, style and fit and I bought 4 dresses at Bebe, 5 dresses at White House/Black Market as well as 3 at The Limited (and these many dresses just in the month of December alone - YES I AM A SHOPAHOLIC). Needless to say I have only worn 3 of all of these dresses but trust me the occasions and time will come for me to wear all of them. I am very much A DRESS GIRL. I wish I didn't live in super wintery-cold Michigan just so that I could wear dresses more often.

So anyways, this post is about some cute and nice dresses and rompers from Express I have on my wish-list for this Spring Summer season 2011. I have seen most of these dresses in person, so I have actually touched them (LOL) though I haven't tried them on and some I saw online. I must say the quality of these dresses is nicer than the selection they had over the Holiday season. I am especially after the more casual, cutesy dresses that you can throw a cardigan or blazer over, yet you can totally dress up with pumps, stilettos, dangly earrings and a cute clutch for a night out in town. So, here is my wish list of the Express Dresses & Rompers "I am after" now. I plan on starting shopping for them as early as next week and I will refer back to this post and review them as to what I liked on my body, what I ended up buying, liking and disliking, etc. For now I am sharing with you the photos of the dresses, starting with the casual ones and ending with the fancy ones. =) Enjoy!!

You probably see a pattern here (as far as what I like), but I am loving the whimsical feeling of their Spring/Summer line this year.Very Chic and Bohemian, very me in an every day appeal. =) I love the little and cute florals and as always ruffles. I have always and will forever love ruffles. These ruffled Express Dresses (and rompers) will to my collection of ruffled dresses (from past seasons) I already have from Express. Most of these dresses are day dresses, pretty but yet they would make me feel relaxed and easy while I am wearing them. I really want #s 2, 3, 5  & 7. And as I am posting these, I just reminded myself that the last time I purchased dresses from Express (in July of last year), I have dress #6, either mine is the same or super-similar as this year's edition. =) Hahaha.

These six dresses are more fancy, definitely dress-up, cocktail party or event type of dresses. The first 2 dresses (the fitted ruched silk ones with two different colors), Express has been known to do and put out every season for the past two years or so. I have this same exact dress in a rich Red from the Holiday Season 2009 and I absolutely love it. I have been meaning to buy one or two in a 2-tone (different color top, different color bottom) but haven't done so, yet. They are pricey at their full price of 128$, but if you wait for a promotion or let alone a sale or clearance most sizes are gone. So I will hopefully purchase one or two of these with one of the famous Express coupons (I love me a deal.) I wish I would have purchased the one that was silver and powder pink (from last season) but I didn't. =( I must get my hands on the Green/Turquoise one as soon as possible because it will be gone soon. These 100% silk, ruched dresses are still a very good quality and a beautiful fit; Express has striked gold with this style. This Summer they are making an all-white version, a little different material dress of this same style (dress #6). They are also making the one-shoulder, 2-tone version of this dress (dress #5) - and this one-shoulder in rich jewel tones, I MUST GET MY HANDS ON, TOO. LOL White Dress # 3 is also a popular style from Express, a style which I think bebe started 4 years ago. I have several fitted, banded dresses from both Express & Bebe, yet not exactly like this one and I can always use another white dress. =P And last but not least I love the sweetheart, strapless navy/indigo, chiffon-looking, short & sassy dress (#4) so I am going to give this a try, as well.

I bought my first romper from Express two summers ago. It's a casual, cottony one in a hot pink color which I have enjoyed wearing especially during a beach vacation. I also have a brown one and a metallic one. I have two cute rompers from Armani Exchange from last summer, as well. I need to add a longer (not shorts-style but rather capri length) in my wardrobe, definitely a black one so #5 looks like a Definite Must-Buy for me. I also really like #2 and #3. I have to see the other two rompers in person, because they might look really cheap quality and if so, I can always find cheaper, cute, every-day, totally casual rompers from Forever 21 or Love Culture. =)

WISH ME LUCK AND HAPPY SHOPPING!! I am sooooo looking forward to May and summer-time so I can wear lots and lots of dresses. May is my favorite month of the year after all (maybe my birthday and my husband's birthday have something to do with it. =D)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Feature: ANJEZA - Chic European Elegance.

So, I decided to start a Weekly Feature (let's see how well it goes and how long it lasts; please pray for me.) Anyways I want to keep these Tuesday Blogs Sweet and Short because mostly I want the pictures to do the talking.

My First Tuesday Feature is dedicated to Anjeza (Anja) from Dolls Factory. I first 'met' or heard of Anjeza on a Best Dressed Feature hosted by Albania's version of Vogue, In Style or Marie Claire, the very popular magazine "Anabel". Anjeza's outfits were definitely some of the best and she made it to top 3 best-dressed girls and was eventually featured in the magazine with her own interview and photos (where her blog was mentioned as well.). Then, Anjeza and I started to talk on Facebook and we both found out that our love for fashion, runway, high style, great shoes and beautiful refined things, made us bonded and made us friends. I had logged on to Blogger for a while at the time but I mostly did some reading rather than blogging myself. Anjeza instilled the desire in me to blog and post fashion features and Outfits of the Day, myself. She even helped me with the layout and she has been my biggest supporter and most dedicated reader here on Blogger, from early on. Plus we have in common the fact that we are both from Albania. =)
What I find so fascinating about this girl is how uniquely beautiful she is (inside out) and that natural beauty combined with her love for Art, High Style, Fashion and Couture translates into the amazing outfits she puts together, daily. I also find her dedication and determination to blog and to have a very professional fashion website, very cool. She is ALWAYS ON THE KNOW about all the latest styles, what went on the runway, what are the newest trends, who are the newest designers to keep an eye on, what is in and what is out fashion-wise, where are the latest stores and boutiques being opened at, etc, etc. Not only is her website up and running, and updated daily if not several times a day with the latest products, styles, photos from magazines, boutiques and runways, she also has a Fashion/Style Facebook page which she updates several times a day, along her usual personal Facebook account. She is truly a Young Girl in a Big World, literally. She lives in one of the Capital Style Cities in the world, in Milan (Italy) but often travels all over Europe, leaving her air of chicness, her stamp of effortless style, her aura of beauty and her high couture eye, wherever she steps into, from Italy to Spain, from Turkey and Amsterdam to England.

You will see some of the photos I have chosen here of just some of her chic, awesome outfits. So you will get to see what I see and you'll decide for yourself. Anjeza has a TON of followers, hundreds and thousands of fans and people who adore her and her love for fashion, both on Blogger and on Facebook and how can she not, look at this girl. I am sure she will make it BIG one day in the world of Style and Couture. I would and could definitely let her style and dress me anytime of the day, gosh I wish we didn't live in two different continents, (though I will be in Europe, later this year). For a girl in her early twenties she is definitely on to something great, style-wise. =) If I would describe her style in one word it would be European-Chic. She loves Chanel, Louis Vutton, Donna Karan and other Classic Great Designers, but is able to replicate those by choosing clothes from brands like Mango, H&M, Zara and Gap. She rocks vintage clothes too but in a new modern era. It also helps that she has classic, natural beauty like Audrey Hepburn or Anne Hathaway. Her features are so pretty, her skin is porcelain-like, her hair shiny and smooth, her smile is beautiful and genuine. She has a great eye for unique as well as classic pieces which she throws together in a nifty thrifty way that would only be described as Anjeza's style. Here, below are just some of her Great Looks I adore. Enjoy!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I AM BAAAACK!!! A very very belated yet fashionable (I hope) post.

Why I haven't posted in forever?!! Ehh the reasons are one and many, but the bottom line is ....what it comes down to is Time & Dedication. That combined with a 70-75 hour work schedule weekly (without even counting the driving), not having my own camera (I broke mine in January), not having a Tripod, not having a person available to take my photos daily (my husband is currently working in Europe for a few months so as you can imagine I am missing him terriblyyyyy), etc, etc. equals to a very empty blog which lacks in both writing and photos of OOTD. But whether you believe me or not I shower, do my hair, put some makeup on, dress and make myself presentable daily, I'd like to think in a pretty, chic and fashionable manner. At least I get complimented on my clothes and jewelry daily.

However I have been lurking in here, doing a lot of reading, envying a lot of wonderful looks, admiring a lot of fashionable bloggers, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, SASSY & FUNNY FASHIONISTAS (I'll speak more of them in a later post, sometime this week). I have liked, admired and envied these girls not just about their outfits but also about their super stylish dedication and strong will (as well as having time) in posting daily or almost daily and in even doing clothes' challenges such as Kendi's 30 for 30. =) I have told myself that I will do such a challenge myself come May. Hopefully I'll have a camera by then. LOL

Anyway, I have yet another super-busy week ahead of me. I am a big procrastinator in a lot of things, but not having much time at all (as in free leisure time), puts some necessary tasks and things that need to be done and TO DO LISTS in a backup list, rather than make them a priority (though some of them truly are such.) I am finally getting my taxes done this week. I don't do mine myself because they are quite complicated working several jobs, freelance-writing, privately tutoring, having student loans, having work expenses, and being married, too. So I leave them to the smart people who are paid to do such a thing. Plus even if I could do my own taxes, I don't have the nerves or time to occupy myself with them. I have better things to do in my limited time off like get some work done around the house, catching up on a little TV and read you my dear Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Followers.

So without further ado, I present you a few outfits I have worn this past winter (from whatever photos I have taken when I have had the chance, time and a camera to do so.) I can't believe April is here and spring is sort of coming, I say sorta because it's not really quite Spring in Michigan till about Easter time and today on April 3rd 2011 is terribly cold, with a little snow flurries, lots of rain and terrible high winds which brought the temperatures down, even more.

So here are some attempts at looking decent while still being cozy this winter. Enjoy and please comment back. I'd love that. =)

Occassion: A Holiday Party I threw for Family & Friends at Our House, this past December 2010.
Golden-Ivory, Shimmery, Circle-Print, Strapless Dress: The Limited.
Hot Pink, Floral, Pointy Pumps: Guess.
Beige Pearl & Crystal Dangly Earrings: Swarovski.
Rings & Bracelet: Gifts from My Husband.
P.S. I thought I looked quite pretty, chic, sexy (without trying too hard) as the Hostess of this Party. Also the dress was totally Holiday-Appropriate for me. I might have been a little over-dressed but it's my party, my home, my rules. LOL The Fashionista in me definitely wouldn't 'cut it' in jeans and a pretty top. I am glad that most of my friends were dressed pretty good. My family is usually dressed up rather than dressed down so this outfit was right up the alley for my family.

Occassion: My Uncle's Annual Christmas Day Dinner.
Pinstripped, Brownish-Charcoal Pants and Ruffled-Front Mint-Green Shell Sweater: The Limited.
Mint-Green, Silk-Lined, Christmasy Cardigan: Old Navy. (I have had this cardi in my closet since XMas 2005 or so and had only worn it once before, it had gotten lost in one of my huge closets LOL.  Anyways I am glad I found it because it's a great Holiday Sweater. It has this beautiful Silk Shantung Emerald Green Lining inside featuring a Paisley Asian Pattern. And worn with my other sweater underneath it looked kind of like a twin-set that didn't quite match yet looked greatly paired up.)
Beaded, Green Earrings: Arden B.
P.S. My Uncle throws an Annual Christmas Party. He has made it a tradition for the last 6 years, though this past Christmas my parents also threw a Christmas Dinner at their new home, so we had the one at my Uncle's on December 24th and the one at my Parents' on the 25th.

Occassion: Lunch with my husband.
Brown Knit Sweater Cardigan & Red Nylon Turtleneck: The Limited.
Blue Jeans with Gold Embroidery: Express.
Purple & Pink Knit Scarf: American Eagle.
Brown, Slouchy, Cozy Boots: Diba (DSW).
Drop Pearl Earrings: Express (I think.)
Silver Gray Ribbon Headband with a Bow: Forever 21.
P.S. This was one very cold January Day. I remember I had gloves and a thick knit cap that day on, too, with a heavy, semi-long coat. My husband and I went for lunch at Rojo Restaurant. It's a Mexican Bistro that features a lovely buffet at lunch-time. They make the best and freshest guacamole, prefered table-side by a Chef.

Occassion: Movie Night with My Lovely Cousin Mariela.
Pink/White Stripped Cardigan with little pockets; Thick Black Leggings & Pink/Gold Shimmery Scarf: Express.
Hot Pink Patent Leather Booties: Payless Shoe.
Gold Beaded Drop Earrings: The Limited.
P.S. Movie Nights have been rare and spare these last 6 months as well. I can count them in 3 fingers. =D But at least when I have gone to the movies, I have managed to look cute and do dinner afterwards, too. I am holding on to spring here, as this is taken in March, yet I am wearing a Bold Pink mostly.

Occassion: Lunch with My Lovely First Cousin, (Little Sister & Best Friend) Gloria.
Wool, Mustard Yellow Coat: Bebe.
Cropped Blue Jeans: The Limited.
Cheetah Print Booties: DSW.
Leather Teal Purse: (a brand-name but I forgot which, from) Marshalls.
Red Hoops: Charlotte Russe.
P.S. This was taken in front of Olive Garden (Yummy!!) where Gloria and I had a late lunch, early dinner on January 1st to Celebrate the New Year. Sometimes I throw colors and patterns together and they work, (this is such a case), and other times they don't LOL either way it's OK. You live and learn. =) I love how bold and colorful this outfit looks, especially on a wintery cold day with snow on the ground. Underneath I was wearing a long tunic sweater which was black yet a little bold because it had panels of sequins. I wanted to celebrate the Holiday after all. LOL

Occassion: A Very Rare Club Night Out with My Girlfriends.
Powder-Pink Ivory Pants: New York & Co.
Beige + Ivory Polka Dot, Neck-Tie, Silk Blouse: bebe.
Leather, Black Stiletto Booties: Nine West.
P.S. I hadn't remember going out (before this) in months, definitely not with my girlfriends, well this evening was an exception. I put together a stylish, elegant, yet club-friendly outfit. I wanted to be pretty warm and comfy since it was 12 degrees below zero out and I had to park a little far, too. I wish you could see the details better, especially the blouse but it is not from my camera (rather from my phone) and this photo came out a little grainy. This blouse is gorgeous. I have a lot of stunning silk blouses from bebe. This blouse is one of my faves. It is a little low-cut so I figured for a club it's OK to show some cleavage.

OK this is it for tonight. I have been blogging here for over an hour. This week, I will post another blog like this one, with makeup outfits from this winter, and that is a Promise I can, and WILL KEEP. Good Night and Have a Great New Week Everyone. Stay Warm and Cross Your Fingers that Spring will be here, soon!