Monday, November 22, 2010

Wrapped Up in Golden Lime-Yellow.

I love yellow. It is the color of THE Sun, Sunflowers as well as the color that reminds me of the beggining of Fall. Yellow is a happy, bright, pretty, fun & smiling color. During Autumn I like the more crisp, more rusty yellows with a tint of gold, or darker yellows like mustard or with a hint of caramel or bronze. I also love dresses, I kid you not I have at least 200 of them. I did a thorough cleaning out of my closet this summer and as I was hanging them, I counted them. I can do and I plan on doing several detailed posts on my dresses alone, and I will do so after the Holidays in the New Year as nowadays due to me working 65-70 hour weeks I barely have time to eat and sleep, let alone blog. LOL

As a matter of fact, I have an entire Facebook album dedicated to my 'Love Affair' with dresses. I would post a link of it here but that will ruin the surprise for when I plan on blogging about my dresses. =P I have several 'special closet' posts coming up, after December, as a matter of Fact. But anyways, back to Yellow and back to Dresses. I wore 4 yellow dresses this year alone, the one in this post being one of them. I wore this beautiful golden yellow dress with a greenish shine to it, during a special evening event as part of Toronto's International Film Festival, this fall 2010. (Excuse the wrong dates in these photos. They were actually taken with my friend's camera and for some reason her date was messed up and the year stayed in 2009 though the month and day were correct, but these are actually from September 2010.) I love the dress because it's a very bright, unique color in a rich, luscious silk satin. The fact that this dress is satin and features a strapless style - two favorites of mine (fabric and design) when it comes to cocktail or evening dresses, makes me like this dress even more.

Golden-Lime, Silk Satin, Strapless Dress: The Limited.
Bright Yellow Shawl Wrap: The Limited.
Gold & Beige, Dangly Beaded Earrings: The Limited.
Dainty Beaded Necklace w/ Beige & Coral Beads: The Limited.
Turquoise Bracelet: A Cheap Boutique here in Michigan.
Stretchy, Beaded, Gold-Color Bracelet: Express.
Mustard, Ruffled Wedges: Steve Madden.
P.S. As you can see I am wearing a lot of pieces from The Limited, here. No wonder. It is my favorite store, after all. =)