Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reflections of the past 9 months of 2010. =)

So, yesterday and today it was back to 60-s and up to 70 Degrees in Michigan (Fernhait, of course.) Two beautiful, warm & sunny days in a row. Lucky Us!! But I have bad news for you (at least according to the weather reports), it's about to be a chilly, cool weekend with temps dropping to low 50s and even 40s at night. As I write this (and I have talked about the weather thus far) a famous saying about the weather comes to mind. Someone once said "9 out of 10 people wouldn't be able to start a conversation if the weather did not change." I don't know about you but this is so very true. We talk about weather a lot, from small talk and water cooler conversations to conversations we mediate between our minds and bodies in front of the mirror every day for what we decide to wear. See, the weather is definitely a huge factor that weighs in, on our decision. Somehow, the weather decides for us whether we should wear something or not.

But I don't want to make this conversation JUST ABOUT THE WEATHER. Today I am off and despite the fact that I am wearing Gray - the most stylish IN color of this Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Season - I feel anything but. I am wearing a very stylish and cozy Gray & White Stripped Long Cardigan, with a beautiful Darker Gray Tank featuring a Ruffled Black Collar, Charcoal Gray Skinny Pants and a pair of the Most Comfortable, Black Leather Slides, featuring little crystals. However, there are no photos from today or from this outfit. As I have mentioned at a previous post, I don't take pictures of my outfits every day because I don't have such a time luxury and also my husband is currently out of the country for work (so I have to depend on other people for taking my pictures and staying after my wishes & likes.) But I will let your imagination do the best of you and I'll let you picture this outfit which I promise is as elegant and chic as it is casual and comfortable. After all, I am wearing one of my most favorite cardigans with one of my most favorite pair of pants. =)

On another note, I can't believe it's September 30th. Where did 3/4th of the year go by? It was definitely a very easy-go, laid-back year for me. I didn't go anywhere for the most part. Except for I spent a weekend in Baltimore, Maryland for one of my best friend's Wedding (which was a casual affair that took place in the form of a Picnic Reception at a beautiful Park), and as much as I enjoyed myself I got really tired from the 10-hour drive each way and from putting together all of her flower bouquets & arrangements. And, last weekend I was in Toronto, Canada for my first cousin's Engagement Dinner (which was as elegant, pretty and festive as a wedding except with a lot fewer people, the dinner was delicious though), and I did manage to do some sight-seeing and walk down-town with my wonderful parents. Rather than that, I have spent all this year in Dear Old Michigan which gets boring easily due to the long and dreary Winter and if you don't go out that much.

But Anyhow HAPPY OCTOBER ALL!! Before you know it, it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and then we're off to a brand-new year with brand-new wishes, brand-new goals and brand-new clothes (hopefully). =D

Hello & Goodbye to all of you Fellow Bloggers. I dedicate the following beautiful songs to ALL YOU, FASHIONISTAS of the World!!

Oh My God
Ordinary People
It's All About You