Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Wedding Attire: Red-Hot Classic Femme!!

One of the most popular things in my wardrobe is Dresses, especially fun, feminine and elegant Evening Dresses perfect for Cocktail Parties and Weddings. I have a huge collection of dresses, for any and all occasions and seasons, as well as in a variety of styles, prints and colors. The dominating colors when it comes to my dresses are Black, Red & White. I think every girl should own at least a couple of dresses in each of that color group.

This summer I had to attend several weddings. I think I did myself justice as well as I looked very presentable and quite nice (as a sign of both respect towards the bride and groom as well as a self-expression of my style & individuality) at these beautiful and joyful events. See & judge for yourself!!
For this wedding I chose a classic yet modern, strapless, knee-length style in my favorite color ever - Red. I chose this deep cherry red dress to wear at my Friend Anda's Wedding. I paired it with classic, satin nude little peep-toe pumps and a matching clutch. ;-) I wanted to stay in the gold family, so I chose to wear a couple of gold bracelets/bangles and simple but wow dangling gold earrings with Swarovski crystals.

As you can see I had blonde hair or rather caramel and strawberry highlights, but a lot of highlights. Even-though my base was a really dark brown, overall my hair appeared blonde-ish due to the highlights. I love the color. =) It softens me more and since I have very pale skin and light azure-gray/hazel eyes, it compliments them even more.
It was a fun coincidence how the way I dressed matched with the wedding colors which were burgundy/dark red and gold. I truly did not know those were her wedding colors. My dress was strapless like the bridesmaids' long dresses and in a similar color.

So I loved my attire for this wedding; I looked classic, classy, feminine and pretty. I love this dress with the big flapping "fishtail" ruffles. Plus red is one of my most favorite colors. The nude satin peep-toe pumps and matching clutch go with everything. I chose them for this wedding for an understated, elegant look with the dress and to pair them with my gold jewelry. =)

And here is a pretty photo of me and the Beautiful Bride Anda, who married her Prince Charming Ermal, on June 26th 2010. She looked like a Classic Beauty: Simple but Beautiful, totally her Personality.
I am ending this blog by posting some photos from the wedding which I shot like decorations desserts. Beautiful, fancy and sweet things: The Flowers, the Table Settings, the huge Dessert table featuring the Chocolate Fountain and Last but not Least the Pretty Wedding Cake!

A lovely photo of the Newlyweds Anda & Ermal with Myself. I love this pic.
Scalloped-Ruffled, Strapless, Silk, Deep Red Dress: The Limited.
Golden-Nude, Peep-toe Pumps & Matching Clutch: Baker's.
Gold + Silver Rhinestone Bracelet (left hand); Gold + Silver Rhinestone Dangly Earrings: Arden B.
Gold Bangles (right hand): Bebe.
Hair & Makeup: by My Cousin, My Sister Gloria B. (She did a great job and dolled me up, for sure.)