Monday, November 29, 2010

Lovely Autumnish Grays.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Fabulous Fashionistas!! Did any of you shopped on the biggest shopping day in US - Black Friday? Is anyone of you doing any browsing, shopping or picking up Holiday gifts at any websites today for Cyber Monday? Well, I am a huge shopper as it is but I worked for about 16 hours on Black Friday and one of my jobs is in sales and retail so you can imagine how freaking busy my day was!? However, during a quick half an hour lunch I managed to pick up some lovely things at The Limited (a store I always love), which had an whole day of 40% off sale, so I beat the crowds and got the same deals at 7.30 P.M.! Ain't that beautiful? I got a beautiful beaded Jodi Arnold dress which was originally about 130$ and I paid less than 30$ for, a couple of sweaters, a pair of trousers, a cute blouse with a bow, 3 new headbands and a Kimono-inspired wrap, black dress with short sleeves. So much about relaxing, eating and actually chilling during a few solid minutes I had off on Black Friday!! LOL

Well, today's outfit is something I put together for a Bar Night Out with my man. It was a lovely date night for us. We started off with dinner, wine and dessert and then did some martinis and some dancing at a club properly named "Dirty Martini". My outfit matched the cold Fall days we have been having lately as well as the sky and the gray appearance of these last few days (it has been below zero in Celsius degrees, especially mornings and evenings.) I do love this dress because it's so versatile, chic & comfy at the same time. But I also love my man's dressy shirt from Express. Usually when we go out-out, I try to have him match me. Even if he doesn't match me, he always asks for my opinion in what to wear and we end up looking like a fun and nicely-dressed couple, at the end of the day (at least I think so. =P) Once again we matched each other, this time in gray. Don't we look lovely?! =D

FYI (about the outfit): 1} The dress came with its own belt which in my opimion was just OK. The belt was a stretchy, patent-leather (in the front) black but I swapped it for this fun patent leather red belt and I like the results even more. 2} I mixed different patterns in this outfit as you may have noticed. The booties are an actual Python Print, the tights are Leopard Print and the dress of course is Houndstooth. I figured as long as I keep it neutral and in the same color family (Black & Gray) the mixing of the patterns works. ;-) 3} My jewelry is very simple as I let the dress and red belt do the talking. I am wearing very simple, silver rhinestone drop earrings, a silver choker with small chandelier-style baby blue rhinestones and a very simple silver metal bangle. Don't ask me where any of these jewelry is from cause I have no idea. LOL
Isn't my husband so hunky handsome?! (I know, I know... I AM LUCKYYYYY.)
As per usual when we go out, this time we took a lot of photos, including some together. The last two pics above (of the two of us) are My Most Favorites of the night. ;-) I particularly love the up close profile photo. In case you guys didn't know: both my husband and I have grayish-green eyes, just in different shades. Yes, I love our eyes, especially pictured together. =)
Black & Gray, Ponte, Houndstooth V-Neck Dress: Charlotte Russe.
Wide, Rectangle-Buckled, Red, Patent Leather Belt: The Limited.
Black Sparkly "Envelope" Clutch: Express.
Leopard-Print, Black-on-Black Tights: Betsey Johnson.
Python-Print, Gray/Black Stiletto Ankle Boots: Nine West.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wrapped Up in Golden Lime-Yellow.

I love yellow. It is the color of THE Sun, Sunflowers as well as the color that reminds me of the beggining of Fall. Yellow is a happy, bright, pretty, fun & smiling color. During Autumn I like the more crisp, more rusty yellows with a tint of gold, or darker yellows like mustard or with a hint of caramel or bronze. I also love dresses, I kid you not I have at least 200 of them. I did a thorough cleaning out of my closet this summer and as I was hanging them, I counted them. I can do and I plan on doing several detailed posts on my dresses alone, and I will do so after the Holidays in the New Year as nowadays due to me working 65-70 hour weeks I barely have time to eat and sleep, let alone blog. LOL

As a matter of fact, I have an entire Facebook album dedicated to my 'Love Affair' with dresses. I would post a link of it here but that will ruin the surprise for when I plan on blogging about my dresses. =P I have several 'special closet' posts coming up, after December, as a matter of Fact. But anyways, back to Yellow and back to Dresses. I wore 4 yellow dresses this year alone, the one in this post being one of them. I wore this beautiful golden yellow dress with a greenish shine to it, during a special evening event as part of Toronto's International Film Festival, this fall 2010. (Excuse the wrong dates in these photos. They were actually taken with my friend's camera and for some reason her date was messed up and the year stayed in 2009 though the month and day were correct, but these are actually from September 2010.) I love the dress because it's a very bright, unique color in a rich, luscious silk satin. The fact that this dress is satin and features a strapless style - two favorites of mine (fabric and design) when it comes to cocktail or evening dresses, makes me like this dress even more.

Golden-Lime, Silk Satin, Strapless Dress: The Limited.
Bright Yellow Shawl Wrap: The Limited.
Gold & Beige, Dangly Beaded Earrings: The Limited.
Dainty Beaded Necklace w/ Beige & Coral Beads: The Limited.
Turquoise Bracelet: A Cheap Boutique here in Michigan.
Stretchy, Beaded, Gold-Color Bracelet: Express.
Mustard, Ruffled Wedges: Steve Madden.
P.S. As you can see I am wearing a lot of pieces from The Limited, here. No wonder. It is my favorite store, after all. =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going-Out Blues.

If I told you I have at least 200 going-out tops would you believe me? Probably not? LOL But I seriously do. I just need to go out more often and I need more occassion, more date nights, more bar nights and fancier club evenings to wear them cause God only knows I have a huuuuuuuge wardrobe. =P

Most of my going-out tops are 'divided' into 5 categories. 1) Bustier, corset-style or tube tops. These are some of my favorite styles as God blessed me with an ample-size chest and womanly curves and they stay on me nicely despite being strapless, I don't feel naked or like I need to pull them up all night long. My most gorgeous bustiers and tube tops come from Bebe & White House/Black Market.  2) One-shoulder, one-sleeve, or assymetric tops. I love modern assymetry especially in a top or dress. I have so many one-shoulder or one-strap, one-armed tops from casual, to really fancy and some in between, mostly from Express, Bebe & The Limited. As a matter of fact my outfit of choice you will see in this blog, showcases a beautiful one-shoulder top by Bebe - a store I personally love. 3) Tunics. I love a fun, pretty tunic. I have several as I love wearing skinny pants, leggings, skinny jeans & jeggings - which paired with a tunic would make for an easy, pulled-together, fun & appropriate though simple going-out outfit. I have silk tunics, blousy tunics, see-through tunics which I love paring with a camisole underneath, sweater tunics and the dressier kind which are sequined or that feature rhinestones, beads and such. I have some nice tunics from H&M, Express, Bebe, & White House/Black Market for example. 4) Fun, dressy, detailed tops. In this category, I'd include any pretty and dressy top featuring something "special" whether the top is beaded, sequined, embroided, zippered, buttoned in a cute and kind of weird way, a fun detail, a cool neckline, ruffles, a cute sleeve like a dolmain sleeve, a mixture of textures and/or fabrics, attention to all the details be it in the cut, shape, style, material, pattern, design or so. ;-) 5) Last but not least for a simpler, more casual date or a night at the bar, cocktails and/or sushi dinner with girlfriends, etc. I prefer wearing a camisole or tank-top, especially if the weather permits for it. Most of my camisoles are either silky with tiny spaghtetti-straps, or featuring lace on the top by the neckline, on the bottom by the hemline or both. If it is chilly, I like pairing my camis with my beautiful cardigans, especially with a nicer, dressier cardi. ;-) My going-out tank tops are usually fitted, with a fun logo or pattern and especially with sequins. I have many such a tank-top by Express & The Limited.

I don't have a lot of time today but I would like to re-visit this post in the future and show you examples of my fun, beautiful tops and HOW I WEAR THEM. However, I started this blog this way today, because my outfit today features a fun, going-out, one-shouldered top which I wore for a night out with my husband and some friends, at a martini bar, this Fall in late October. It was the perfect dressy-casual outfit and the perfect going-out top to wear for this particular night. At least I thought so. However I worked this outfit up, from the boots and hat and then mixed and matched with the clothes in my wardrobe to see what would go with those two very important accessories. ;-) I hope you like the results, I do. =) [The photos by the table with the chandelier light on the ceiling, are actually taken in our home, in our dinning room.]

When you go out with friends, of course a lot of photos will follow. Photos are beautiful, unforgettable memories after all and nothing better than making nice memories in life. =) People and places are important to remember for as long as you shall live! These photos are with two of my girfriends from that evening (Toni & Yelena), and of course pictures with my darling man. I love how I have mixed two styles into one in this top: it is both an assymetric top, as well as a tunic. The square-weaved black & white belt/sash of the top is so pretty, too. I also love how the suede blue boots match the almost-the-same-blue of the jeans. Makes the line of the outfit look slimer and like my legs are never-ending. LOL
One-Shouldered, Lavender/White, Exotic-Print Silk Tunic: bebe.
Skinny Blue Jeans: Charlotte Russe.
Royal Blue Suede Boots: Wet Seal.
Navy Blue French Berret: Purchased @ a Store at Heathrow Airport in London, England.
Cropped, Wool, Brown Coat: The Limited.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pretty in Purple for Laura's Birthday.

Hello Bloggers, Friends, Fans & Fashionistas. I have been M.I.A. I know. I do apologize but I work 5 full daytime shifts and 5 (shorter) evening shifts so as you can tell my time is quite limited. LOL

So, this blogging thing is seriously a lot of fun but it requires A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF TIME to do, whether it is time to take photos (and a person to take my photos, as I still can't manage self-taken pics because I don't have e Tripod), or time to pose, as well as time to write, upload the photos and basically blog about my outfits. And though I find time to check out and read other blogs, I still as of now November 11th 2010 don't have enough time in my day, my week, my month, my life to do this blogging thing every day. I am sorry. I am shooting for 2-4 blogs weekly, soon, but I know that with my crazy work schedule and working two jobs, my schedule will only get busier and crazier now during the Holiday season. But here is me tempting to blog nevertheless. =P
I do dress myself daily however (LMAO) and though one of my jobs requires a certain dress code/uniform, my other job I get to dress more 'like myself', be my stylish self, express my moments of fashion, trends and beauty, play up more with textures, styles, makeup & hair, accessories, colors, volumes, jewelry, etc. though I still have to dress within reason and within the company's dress-code. But of course I do prefer this job's clothes better because whether you know me well or still don't know me yet, you will find out soon that I am a BIG GIRLY GIRL, a big fashionista, who once upon a time used to be called a Fashion Plate, too (and I still get called so by a friend or two.) The truth is I like dressing up more than dressing down, always have, always will. And, even if we go to the local Apple Bee's or Olive Garden for dinner I still like to be put-together and look presentable for dinner with my husband. It is a cute date for us, after all. In most places we go if anything I am over-dressed. But when it comes to fashion it's better to be overwhelmed with Joy and say WOW when you see someone so put together and who has made an effort when it came to presenting themselves, then be underwhelmed and perhaps even go "What were they thinking?!"

And when we do go out, especially OUT OUT, I make an extra special effort to look as stylish, pretty & dressy as I can, not just for myself, but for my husband and the people around me. It is in those special occasions when I take the most photos too, after all I do have a photographer to come after my picture wishes. This occasion called for a brand-new outfit, like most special occasions, special evenings & events, do. We actually went all the way to Chicago for a weekend to celebrate the birthday of a very near and dear special friend of mine who lives down-town the Windy City. She turned the big 30 and had a cozy dinner with her boyfriend and closest friends. Of course I had to look beautiful for me, as well as for her. I love my darling friend Laura.

I went with purple for Laura's Birthday and most of this outfit actually even came from the same store - bebe. I wear purple quite often because it is one of the top 3 colors that looks best on me (red & green are the other colors.) Plus, I always get complimented on how purple looks on me and as a matter of fact I love Purple. I have always liked Purple way better than Pink. It's the edgier, rockier, girly color. I usually don't like doing the same color head to toe, but in this case it worked and it didn't even take much time or effort to put this outfit together as it "threw itself together" and it came out looking polished & girly. Now, as far as my husband, for special occasions and for fun, special events not only do we dress up together but I like to coordinate together with him. It makes us look nicer and 'the right way' a couple should look. I think his purple button-down shirt & tie combo - which comes from Express - looks great next to my purple dress & cardigan. =)
This is the Beautiful Birthday Girl and us Cheering for HER BIRTHDAY, of course. =)
Happy Birthday Beautiful Libra, Laura!!
Laura's Outfit:
Tree-Print Mini-Dress: Bebe.
Black, Strappy Stilettos: Boutique in Chicago.
Swarovski &Pearl Crystal Earrings + Matching Bracelet: Birthday Gift from Her Boyfriend.
The top 2 photos are my favorite pictures from that unforgettable night. ;-)
Purple Silk, Ruffled Mini-Dress: Bebe.
 Purple Leopard-Print Bolero Cardigan: Bebe.
Purple Tights: The Limited.
Cut-Out Black Booties with Cone Heels: Aldo.
Black Rhinestone, Oval-shaped Drop Earrings: Charlotte Russe.
 Multi-Stone Flower Cocktail Ring: Charlotte Russe.