Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer White, Summer Bright, Summer Soon-to-be Gone...

So summer is almost gone. At least in Michigan, USA, this September started to look and come upon us exactly like fall. The temperature went down to about 14-15°C especially during evening and nightime, and, Labor Day was just yesterday. I am posting this blog as a reminder of the strict and stupid rule "No White After Labor Day" (as in it's time to put your white clothes away, because summer is over.) I don't know about you but some Fashion Rules are meant to be broken. I wanted to show you the photos below because this is WHITE DONE RIGHT. =P Also, I wanted to show you these old summer pics (from a couple of summers ago) because I am very proud of this outfit. It is cute, sassy, girly and a little different than what I put on normally, on a day-to-day basis. And last but not least, these are some lovely photos that don't just show off my super-cute mini skirt (in great, nautical detail), but because it was a lovely afternoon & evening spent with my better half - my loving husband. I love him so very much.

OK so enjoy the photos, enjoy the outfit, enjoy September and treasure your memories from Summer 2010!! Before you know it, the new summer will come again. =) HAPPY FALL, ALL!!!

White & Navy-Trimmed Mini-Skirt + White & Navy, Short-Sleeve, Stripped, Cropped Blazer: Forever 21. 
Baby Blue, Flower Eyelet Camisole: Victoria's Secret.
Denim Stilettos: Mervyn's California.
Dark Blue Plastic Bangle + Dark Blue, Plastic Circle Earrings: Express.
Heart Pendant Necklace: Wet Seal.
Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger.


  1. this post started giving me negative feelings, its raining outside but I can't tell goodbye to summer yet. And then the pictures in white brought summer back again. well done

  2. Ohh sweetie, Thanks for the nice feedback and I am glad to have put (back) Happy Summer Thoughts in your mind & heart. We have to languish summer for as long as we can. ;-) I know how you feel because it is quite chilly here now and it's about to start raining in any minute. Fall is DEFINITELY HERE. It came as early as the first few days of September, here.

    Happy Fall Anjeza. =)

  3. Hi Sweets!

    How pretty are you! Your comment made my day, truly!! I of course had to follow you back because your blog is beautifully genuine. You live up to your title in that your style is chic comfort!

    Your adorable!
    cheers, Jesa

  4. Oh thankssss A LOT, A LOT Jessa. =) And stop it I ain't really that pretty. I am just normal. But ia a genuinely kind, pretty (inside) and pretty awesome person (if I can say so myself)! =D Yeah, I like to feel and look elegant & chic, trying to be within my comfort level as well as wearing pretty, polished yet comfortable clothes and shoes (but not always). Sometimes we have to risk in the name Fashion & Beauty us girls.

    So anyway Jesa, I am off to read the rest of your blogs, now. =)

  5. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

    With love, Samm
    @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com

  6. Hi There:) Thank you so much for your super sweet comments on my blog today:)
    Looking forward to getting to know you too!!

    Have a good night!

    Statements in Fashion

  7. I just saw your post.....the items and where I purchased them for the red dress are actually listed in the post itself describing the outfit:)

    Happy you like my blog..really sweet of you!

    Statements in Fashion

  8. Hey Girl! THank you so much for your sweet comments! Cute last day summer outfits and you have some seriously awesome gams!!!
    Good luck on your new blog!!


  9. Thanks Collette & Lipstick Lady, I appreciate your kind words & feedback. =)


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