Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simply Chic LBD.

To me Fashion & Style aren't always about being Couture, Fashion-Forward, Avant-Garde, French or Harajuku Girl. Style and fashion doesn't have to be too complicated, over-the-top, luscious, full of the brightest colors or the most attractive accessories and lots of jewelry. At times these are good (don't get me wrong), but sometimes being understated, simple yet chic doesn't mean you have to be or are considered boring, unfashionable, old or whatnot. Sometimes less is more. Actually I would say most of the time Less is More. =) This is the case for the outfit below I wore recently to an Albanian Concert Party I attended with some girlfriends. It is a very simple Black shirt-dress, which (shirt-dresses) are very IN now and in my opinion very classy + classic and should always be considered crisp, modern & stylish. I also feel that the outfit fit the weather which has been a little chilly and cozy enough to wrap a sweater over your arms, wear tights with a dress or wear your leggings under a mini. I liked it, I hope you do, as well. To keep with the understated chic theme, I kept my hair natural (just down and flowing), my makeup bare and my jewelry minimal (you can barely see it.)
Black Shirt-Dress w/ its Own Belt: The Limited.
See-through, Black Tights: Ann Taylor.
Black Leather Mary Jane Shoes: Ann Klein.


  1. HI Ada, thanks for stopping by my blog.. yeah, the blogging world is so vast and I have only been at it for few months... One thing I really noticed was how different an outfit looks when I see it on my in a picture versus just seeing myself in the mirror. I almost think seeing it in a 2 dimensional way (picture) takes away the emotional charge and we can be more objective. I used to HATE having my picture taken as well but now as I play around with taking pics of myself I more familiar with what poses might look good, or at least I am pretty clear about what NOT to do :)
    its fun so I hope you enjoy your blogging journey too and its great meeting all these other creative, beautiful people with awesome ideas!!!

  2. Very nice outfit! You look totally chic!


  3. Thanks a lot Jodi & LaToya.

    Jodi, I am new to blogging, same as you. I am already a big fan of your blogs and your outfits. You look great. Thank you for all the awesome tips & advice too. I am about to continue reading YOU, now.

    LaToya thanks for stopping by and please follow me and come more often. ;-) I will do the same. I can already tell from the name your blogs will be fun. Love the world CHAMELEON. I myself am one, most times. ;-)

  4. Such a pretty dress Its so true how sometimes simplicity is so much more chic :) I love your blog xx

  5. Pretty dress ! Thanks for your kind comment !
    I know being busy is good, and I can't live if i'm not busy....haha...i love my super busy life <3

    xxx, love love, me

  6. Firts of all you look absolutly amazing in this photos! Love how these dress looks on you! You are right, it is simple yet elegant! definitly a 10!
    I love all your comments in my blog... It really motives me to go on! I hope i do the same with you... I am sorry my english is not so good!

  7. I like the way you think. It doesn't always have to be couture and expensive and over the top to be chic. I love what you wore here - it is totally classy from head to toe.


  8. THANKS A LOT VICKY & CARRIE, I appreciate your comments and feedback. I am now your newest follower pretty & chic Carrie. Love your nickname too. FREE BIRD sounds so pretty & poetic.

  9. Oh so fab! I would have loved to see you in some bright red shoes too!


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